Jun 28, 2016

Spicy Cheesy Fresh Veggies Sandwich

I have been a fan of this recipe for quite a while now since they introduced it in the menu in a local restaurant nearby. Me and kids used to order this a lot. Thinking about the recipe it made us feel that it is so simple that it is a waste spending so much money in the restaurants for this quick and easy snack

Fresh veggies with a little bit of cheese to perk up the taste is all it it needs to make this super yummy sandwich. It takes very little time to make it. Make it ass an after-school snack and your kids will love it. My kids hate raw vegetables but they are perfectly ok with this sandwich :)

Veggies choice is yours. You can add carrots, cooked baby corn, cabbage etc. Its all upto your taste. The sandwich is very filling  to serve as breakfast/even dinner

Serves... 1 person
Serve option... Hot

This is what u'll need....

Bread Slices - 3
Chopped onion - 1 tbspn
Chopped capsicum - 2 tbspn
Chopped tomato - 1-2 tbspn
Chopped Green chilly - little(optional)
Cheese cube - 1
Pepper to taste 
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....

    • Add chopped onions to a bowl
    • Toss in chopped capsicum into the bowl. I chop them into very small pieces so that the flavours of different  veggies are evenly distributed across the sandwich. If you dont like too much capsicum then reduce the quantity
    • Add finely chopped tomatoes
    • Sprinkle pepper powder as per your taste
    • Sprinkle little salt. Use very little as cheese is already salty
    • Grate cheese into the bowl. I used processed amul cheese - 1 small cube
    • Toss everything well to evenly distribute salt and pepper flavour all across
    • Heat your toaster
    • Place half of the filling on one bread slice and spread it evenly
    • Now take another slice of bread and put it on top of it
    • Spread remaining filling on the slice and spread it evenly
    • Top it with another bread slice
    • Put it in the toaster and wait till done
    • Carefully slide the sandwich onto a plate and cut it across into a triangle
    • Serve hot and enjoy

                                                • Add vegetables of your choice 
                                                • Green chillies add very nice flavour but if your kids are eating it then either chop them very very finely or omit it
                                                • This sandwich is very filling. This one itself would suffice for breakfast 

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