Nov 23, 2013

Paneer stuffed paratha...

Paneer paratha is a simple and wholesome meal for a night that looks in for a change in the usual menu at dinner table. Just a conventional addition of curd and pickles for the sides makes it a perfect dinner to be enjoyed right. 

Making this doesnt need too many ingredients nor does it involve too much prep work. Start with milk boiling on one side and making chapathi dough on the other side and dinner shall be served in no time. I have paneer almost all the time at home so making these parathas is never a task.

Try this for a change and you are sure to like it. Kids will enjoy it too. Makes a perfect pack for school bags too :)

Nov 22, 2013

Paneer gulab jamun

My hubby is a very huge gulab jamun fan and so is my little one. So making gulab jamuns doesnt need any special occasion. A request from either of them and yes its made :)  My little one prefers this one over the other ones coz they taste more like dry jamuns and so he doesnt need too much syrup. He loves to pick jamuns with his tiny little fingers and roam around without having to sit and eat with a bowl and spoon. Something he really hates ;) (sitting) other than meal times.

Paneer gulab jamun is also as yummy as the regular gulab jamuns. They are soft and juicy and lip-smacking too. Making these doesnt take too much time if you have home-made paneer ready. Make some for yourself and enjoy

Nov 19, 2013

Home-made Paneer

Making paneer at home is always a better option. In my home I need scrambled paneer for many recipes which makes it even simpler to have homemade paneer at hand. They tend to turn out soft

 This can be used in a lot of recipes. Crumbled paneer can be used to make bhurji, sabji, cutlets, rasgullas etc. Block paneer can be used in gravies, rice, tikkas etc

I have many friends asking me how to make paneer at home and this recipe is for them. Not that this is the first recipe ever but i just want to have a link of my own to point to it

Nov 18, 2013

Achu Murukku / Flower Murukku

A sweet murukku which can get you into a bad habit of continuous munching is this friend. Sweet but not very sweet makes it perfect for those extra bites that you might take. Festivals in south India find this murukku very popular and its made in almost every household. There are many a recipes that people follow but as I always I love my moms version than any other. And yes it turns out perfect every time

My mom makes the eggless version using just maida and sugar and I too prefer the same. Preparing it is easy and you can stack 100's in just an hours time. With kids at home there is no way saying a NO to this special murukku, be it a festival or not. Yes I made it this Diwali too and sure enjoyed each one of it.

Nov 15, 2013

Sabudana vada / Javvarisi vadai

Vada is an important player in south Indian kitchens especially during festival times. Ulunda vada, paruppu vada are the most special among others. I too make these on festival days but not usually otherwise coz there are so many festive days and auspicious days when we make them. I prefer the other versions we make, say moong dal vada, keera/palak vada, javvvarisi /sabudana vada, chickpeas vada and few others.

These vadas are unlike the paruppu vadai and ulunda vadai. They are neither too crispy nor too soft. Following a style of its own this vada has a simple crispy crust to it followed by a slightly chewy and soft texture on the inside. Have to admit they taste perfect when they are hot or atleast warm. They tend to get chewy when they get cold. So out of the fryer they should find comfortable places in serving plates and then out of sight ... I meant into your tummies.

Kids will love this for sure as they look very pretty and appealing. Enjoy making them and enjoy eating them too.

Nov 13, 2013

Paal kootu / Thenga paal kootu..

My kids love chunky vegetables in gravy style. So I include these in my menu often along with Vegetable Kurma and Chunky vegetables in a simple gravy style. They love it for rice, rotis and dosa too. So this is my addition to kids gravies which is less spicy but very delicious. I can say it is a kind of stew coz of its mild coconut flavor.

This one is such a special that my mom makes it for the kids every time we visit them during our vacation. She loves to watch them eat their veggies with so much fun.

Recipe here is very simple and just calls for a little coconut for the dash of flavor.

Nov 7, 2013

Clear soup ... a healthy option for hungry tummies

A simple clear soup that will satiate your taste buds and those of your hungry little kids who turn you crazy after they are back from school. After school snacks are a must and also finding a healthy substitute instead of the store bought ones is a necessity to instill good eating habits among kids. 

Everyday a glass of milk when kids wake up from naps doesnt work for me. The milk glass either sits on the table for a whole long while or it lazily rests between those tiny little fingers. Even I find it annoying when it takes repeated requests to finish off their drink. It really shoots up my temper when they make faces or they spill it. Thinking of something different we got down to little changes in this habit. Instead of everyday milk immediately after a nap we change it to fresh juices or soups. After that there is a little snack and lot of outdoor play which makes them hungry again and gets in the right time for a hot glass of milk. 

My kids love soups though they like it a little thin or really clear. I also have a lot of soup-loving friends. Whoever has had it has always asked for more again or recipes for sure. This is a simple and delicious soup

Simple Chicken Gravy...

My mom makes the best food in the world... and I know that is what we all say. I love to say this too as I am a big fan of this special cook in my life. My mom, my guide, my friend and so many my's to add up. I have learnt a lot from my moms kitchen and still keep learning. There is no stopping me from calling her in everyday life for simple questions and too many questions sometimes for recipes and instructions. There have been many a days when I dodge her questions with my pan sitting right on the stove waiting for me to add atleast a dash of tadka. 

As I said I love everything that my mom here is one simple chicken gravy which I have always cherished from my childhood. Its just simple and hearty that it serves a perfect Sunday meal for us. This time during my visit to theirs I picked up my camera to click the way she turns things up and Voila!!!!!! Not to lose the recipe again I made sure to post it up here where it will stay in safe :) 

Nov 1, 2013

Verkadalai Sundal... Peanut/Groundnut Sundal

Verkadali Sundal is a healthy option for a healthy snack or even for a simple breakfast. I have always loved this especially when it is given as prasadam. That little bit that is served just tickles the taste buds so well... Simple to make and tasty to enjoy


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