Aug 23, 2016

Coconut macaroons.... quick and easy to make

Coconut macaroons are my favourite and this recipe had been on my wish list for a very long time. The ones I tried are soft and chewy and tasty too. Last week we had a family get-together at a resort with the best of buddies. Lot of fun with all our friends. After spending a whole wonderful day at a resort also we could not get enough of talking and giggling ;) so one of our friend's insisted we could stay all spend the night at their place. After some yummy dinner we all sat down to chat. Had hours of chatting and playing antakshari we decided to go to bed at around 2:00 in the morning. My friend showed me a book called "Cakes and Bakes". Even at 2:00 in the morning I could not say no to the book. I just flipped across a few pages and caught a glimpse of some recipes that I had to try my hands on. My friend lent out that book for me to try out the recipe as she knows how much I love trying out new recipes

One of the recipes from that wonderful book is this coconut macaroon recipe. It turned out great taste-wise but I could not get that perfect photographic style macaroon. It was so easy to put together and bake that I was happy I made it. It doesnt have that golden colored edges cos I did not have the star nozzle piping bag to get the perfect shape :) But well this recipe is sure a keepsie

Quick paneer curry ... ready in 15 minutes

Paneer is a favourite in my house. My kids can eat paneer recipes even three meals a day ;) They especially love taking it to school to share with their friends. A favourite lunch box special for them is phulka smeared with a spoonful of homemade ghee and a sidedish of paneer. If that is packed for lunch then I can relax back and wait for empty lunch boxes returned happily.

This paneer recipe is a quick and easy version that gets ready in just 15 minutes. I love making this as it saves a lot of time in the morning hustle. Also I dont need to be around the kitchen for a long time. I just mix up ingredients and then let it simmer for around 10 mins. This kind of cooking makes it really easy :)

Aug 19, 2016

Potato Croquettes... no one can resist them

Potato croquettes are everybodys favourite. A croquette is nothing but a breaded dish that is deep fried in oil. I have used potatoes and a little spice to jazz it up. Potatoes are always a welcome in any form and this one has nothing to say... its just yum. It serves perfect as an appetizer for a large get-together, also serves as a perfect evening tea-time snack or an after-school snack. Make it ahead and keep them in the freezer. When you want to serve just add the frozen croquettes directly to oil and deep fry them till dark brown

It is very simple to make with ingredients that are always available in your pantry. Make it ahead and enjoy it with friends and family

Simple red sauce penne garlic infused oil

A very simple red sauce pasta for a lazy evening can be so comforting. Made this to ward off a rainy day lazy feeling. I was so reluctant to get up and go to the kitchen to make dinner. We had to make something so we ended up deciding to make pasts for the night. I did not want to sweat out a lot in the kitchen when everybody was lazily lying on the couch and ground to be comfortable. It was not just that day... I feel lazy every time it rains outside :) The cold weather, the dark clouds and the sound of rain makes me just sit and relax rather than getting into the kitchen 

This recipe is so quick to make yet spicy and aromatic that you will not feel like putting down your fork till you are done with the last bite. I havent used any extra vegetables here but you can just go ahead and add veggies of your choice

Aug 18, 2016

Custard and Pomegranate jelly shots....

My kids dont like custard but when it is served in such a fancy way they just cant stop asking for more. I just tried giving our plain old custard a grander and more welcoming look. Presentation is important and especially when it comes to food and more when you serve dessert .... oh yes it is so true. And when you know you are dealing with kids then giving them such simple yet wonderful looking desserts to win their hearts. My kids just love them and I cant say more

The recipe is very simple and takes very little hands on time. Try giving this a shot and impress your loved ones. 

Creamy Soya Gravy.... Soya Butter Masala

My kids love soya nuggets and they love it in all forms... say gravy, fry, manchurian, pakoda and a lot more. This particular gravy is their favourite. They love to enjoy this with hot phulkas generously drizzled with their favourite homemade ghee. Rich and creamy gravy with soft and juicy soya chunks is really tempting. If you are a soya lover then you will sure love this

I spice this gravy mildly so that the kids can enjoy more. They love to eat a lot of this gravy so I just want to make sure they dont end up eating a lot of spice. Addition of cream makes it a lot more special than regular gravies. Simple to make and tasty to the core makes it a
good and tasty addition to regular dinner menus 

Aug 17, 2016

Paneer Jalfrezi

Paneer jalfrezi is a quick and yummy appetizer that is loved by one and all. It is so easy to make that you wont say no when your family wants you to make it for them. This recipe has a perfect combination of a little spicy and tangy flavor that tastes perfect for an apt and quick starter. I should say it is mildly spiced and is a kind of stir fry. Your choice of vegetables are given a quick stir on very high flame to maintain the crunch and freshness.

This can be a perfect addition for a menu when making a meal for unexpected sudden guests. Its only the time taken to chop the veggies and the rest is only five minutes of your time to pull it all together

Veggies and Mayo Sandwich...

Mayonnaise .... a creamy favourite which is liked by a lot of people. We love it as sides and sauces and dips and spread and dressing too. We love mayo in our home too... and we use our homemade mayonnaise version for our recipes. Sandwiches are always welcome for breakfast and this one is sure loved. Veggie Mayo sandwich is a fresh, very filling and healthy sandwich that will sure be upto your liking. Try this for a quick breakfast and enjoy

Finely chopped raw veggies tossed in creamy mayo filling in soft slices of bread makes a very simple and tasty sandwich. I can say t is so filling that you can eat only one :)

Aug 10, 2016

Whole wheat and Oats Dates Cookies...

A cookie that was a perfect shot when craving for a mid-night snack. Last week I had this crazy intent to bake something in the middle of the night... yes really ... am not joking. Hubby was busy with some office call and I couldnt catch up sleep .... so went downstairs and planned to watch something on tv. There was interesting to watch so I just turned it off and sat down thinking what next. Went to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of milk when I glanced upon a big packet of oats sitting in the cupboard. One of my friends gave it to me as she bought it by mistake and did not want to use it. It was sitting right in the corner of the shelf for almost a month now. I thought of making some bread but then thought that it would almost morning by the time I am with the proofing and baking... so the next thought was to make some cookies

I wanted to make something simple and quick but yet satisfying. Started picking up ingredients and pulled them together real quick. Baked it and it turned out awesome. A cookie with a nice crunch on the outside  and a slightly soft center is what was the end of the crazy bake that day. A really satisfying cookie that tasted perfect with a glass of warm milk

The recipe is really simple and I tried to use healthy stuff to have guilt-free bites

Aug 6, 2016

Soya bean curry..

A simple gravy to bring a change in your regular lunch/dinner menu. Soya is so good for health. It is very rich in protiens, calcium and iron and this curry brings in another way to introduce it to your family's diet without sweating too much. It goes well with chapathis, rotis and phulkas

Lucky me, my kids love this gravy and enjoy it every time. They like to take it school along with poori. Easy to make in the morning so love having the soy beans hany at home always :)

Whole wheat take on Melting Moment Cookies....

Everyone likes melting moment cookies. I love it too. Thought of giving it a try with whole wheat flour and worked out great. Kids enjoyed it too..... and very well as a mom that is the most important of baking you see. If your little ones make a face then is the trouble for you

Just pull in a few ingredients together and shape it . Bake them for a few minutes and you are good to go

Aug 5, 2016

Deluxe Veggie Pizza .... 50% Whole wheat for a better tasting option

Homemade pizza is the best. This is what me and my family believe. Make it the way you want. Toppings are also your choice... we heap it up with all our favourites :) It counts less on your pocket and the best part is its fresh out of the oven. Its fun time at home when its  pizza night. Lots of talks and giggles, teasings and discussions, interesting conversations and senseless chats are all a part of the dinner table time when our favourite pizza is served with lots of love 

My kids love to help me out when I am making pizza. They get to spread the sauce, top the veggies, grate cheese and spread it, sprinkle seasoning and yes lick some sauce off the spoon  and finally eat some cheese when grating ;) Its fun time for them and so I let them enjoy. They are pretty cool kids..... they help me with all this and then when we put the pizza for baking ...  they rush to clean themselves up and set up plates and water bottle and getting everything ready for some interesting fun time

I love making the base at home as it tastes way better than the store-bought ones. Initially I used only maida/APF for making the pizza base but now I use a 50-50 ratio of APF and whole wheat flour and it tastes good. There were a couple of times when I gave a try on 100% whole wheat pizza but to be honest I hate that dough as when I take a bite I feel I am eating only dough and not pizza. 50-50 works good

Aug 4, 2016

Gujarati Dhokla ... perfect for a tea-time snack

Dhokla is a Gujarati speciality which is soft, spongy, mildly spiced and topped with a perfect tadka that will win everyones heart. My mom makes it the traditional way ... soaking the dal and then grinding it followed  by fermentation. Yes it tastes really awesome when made that way. I am more into easy-to-make recipes... see the lazy bug kinda thing ;) I am way better with the gram flour version of making dhoklas and I feel they are not less than perfect either

Its a quick and easy option for an evening tea-time accompaniment. Piping hot tea and dhokla to enjoy makes a perfect combi.... especially when the weather is cosy around. Do try it and enjoy with your family

Babycorn Manchurian

Manchurian is a very popular and always on demand appetizer. No need to mention but this babycorn manchurian is also a perfect crowd pleaser. Try it as a starter in your get-togethers or even for a perked up lunch or dinner menu at your home to give the diners the perfect satisfaction of a rich starter. Juicy, spicy, saucy bursting with flavours in every bite you take is what this starter special

My family loves it so much that they can eat it any time. Kids are crazy about babycorn and this one is great to give them what they love. Simple to make, pleasing to the eye and tasty enough all about it. Do give it a try and share with your loved ones

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