Jun 14, 2014

Carrot Halwa.... Gajar ka halwa

Carrot Halwa....... our favourite. I loved it so much that I started making it as soon I got a kitchen all by myself to handle. I could make it whenever I wanted and enjoy as much as I wanted. Soon I realised that my hubby was also in love with this dessert. Hmmmm...we make big batches and then leave it in the fridge . Whenever we want to enjoy, we would microwave one serving to make it warm

This recipe takes time as I dont use mawa to make it instead I let milk simmer for a long while to reduce to 1/4 of the quantity. The carrots are cooked all the way in milk to ensure the best flavours 

There is another quicker version of making gajar halwa. Will try sharing it soon

Jun 2, 2014

Grated Cucumber Raita

Grated cucumber raita is my younger ones  favourite. Its my favourite too. I love the freshness of the cucumber along with tadka it gets. Whenever we make this at home, me and younger one have to our fill but still we would fight for the last spoon of raita in the bowl. He usually ends up having more raita than rice lunch

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