Mar 18, 2014

Paneer Cashew Curry ... a perfect side for that special bread basket...

Paneer and cashews compliment each other very well and this recipe brings out the prefect taste pairing them beautifully well. The softness of paneer and the bite in the cashews mixed with a silky soft gravy bring out flavors that will satiate your taste buds. I am sure this will not disappoint anybody for choosing it

I had this curry last week at a local restaurant and honestly speaking, was very satisfied with the days meal. It was perfect as I would want to put it. The right texture, right spice, right consistency and right color made it present itself in a very pleasant manner. All four us enjoyed every bite of food

We ordered Kaju-paneer curry with masala kulcha and felt that was an awesome combi. I couldn't get the taste off my mind so tried making it today. It was just a wild guess of ingredients and process and it turned out perfect. Yes I did a copycat version and it turned out perfect. We all loved the homemade version and hope to make more soon

Aloo Paratha...

Who doesnt like parathas??? Most of us do and I sure love it.My family loves parathas all the time and aloo paratha is special. My elder kid is a big potato fan and he can eat it for all three meals everyday. I know thats not very good. But no worries as I give him in moderation so that he can enjoy it the right way. One such good way are these parathas

Stuffed parathas are more filling than regular chapathis. Good thing is I get to put in some ingredients which usually my kids dont entertain in a regular fresh way - say onions, green chilly, mint leaves, curry leaves and coriander leaves. I give it a quick pulse before adding it to the filling and it is loved in that form

Parathas can be made in 2-3 types. First you can roll out dough then put stuffing in the middle, cover and roll out again. Second we can make 2 chapathis, spread filling in one chapathi then top another and seal. Third we can put all the ingredients in the dough and finally roll it into chapathis. For aloo parathas we use the first method. Cook evenly on both sides and its done. Serve it with a side of pickle and fresh curd for best taste

Mar 5, 2014

Podi Idli... a good way to snack on leftover idlis

Leftover idlis after a hearty morning breakfast or evening dinner???? Hot hot idlis with sambar is absolutely great but leftovers are a pain for me. I just cant have it even after reheating it to taste like-fresh. No worries. You dont have to eat the same old idli with a sad face. There are quite a few ways to help you serve yourself a treat or warm snack which will make you feel that you should have more leftover idlis from next time. Many of you should be already doing this so nothing new here

A good way to use those leftovers is to make this spicy and fresh podi idli. A couple of minutes at hand and just a few things to toss in should help you serve a bowl of delicious snack. Its a kids favorite too. Now thats an added advantage... isnt it? 

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