Jun 27, 2015

Gongura Chutney

I love gongura chutney but never got to try it at home. I first had it at my friends place when I was in hyderabad. Its sour and spicy and tastes perfect with hot rice. This time I chanced upon some fresh gongura leaves right out of my kitchen garden. The leaves were so fresh and tempting that I had to give it a try making some chutney

Asked a friend for a quick recipe and she shared this. She said there are many ways that its made and she follows this simple one when making for her family.  Well... loved it and what much to say. Whenever I have fresh leaves from my garden this chutney is getting to be a must. Thanks to my garden :)

Jun 26, 2015

Corn spinach paratha

A continuation from the previous post ................................

A paratha that will win hearts of all our little friends .... oh yes alllll the kids. This recipe calls for corn and cheese which are simply classified as a hit among kids. I have to accept that this is not a recipe that I knew and I am sure it is not a new one out in the recipe world but for us it was a happy accident in our happy kitchen

"A lazy dinner time look up at the clock and you realise its high time you get up and cook the meal...but still feel there is no mood to cook. The story doesnt end there ... I know mood doesnt help it but you still have to scratch your head and pointlessly look into the fridge longing to find something to the rescue for the moment". Does this sound anything familiar to you. Might be a no for you as you might not be as lazy as I am ;)  but Yes ...  for me this is usually a regular thing and one such "hunt for food" night, we landed up with this recipe. When trying to helplessly find something in the fridge, we found chapathi dough and a small container of corn-spinach filling leftover from morning after making a big batch of yummy sandwiches for breakfast

It was not my idea to make parathas for sure. I asked if I could make sandwiches again but lo there was no bread to the rescue. Next what... think think think ... my kids style and he suggested parathas with bright shiny eyes. Niks loves parathas. He can even enjoy it three times a day.  Finding it a good suggestion I thought "Why not give it a try". We made it and enjoyed it hot hot for dinner. You bet... it was such a hit that I have to jot it down to make sure it stays in my recipe book for a long while

Spinach Corn Sandwich

Corn-Spinach sandwich has been a popular breakfast in our home since my little one joined school. When Nikhil, my elder one, started going to school we had a little changes in our breakfast styles and after Aadit joined in the group of snack-box carrying fellows in the house, things changed a little more. Over these years that my kids started going to school, breakfast style is the one that has changed a lot and got lot of new additions too

Sandwiches are a very preferred breakfast at our table. And this one will hit the top list of favorites. I make a big batch of filling so that the kids can enjoy it as an after-school snack as well. We all can never get enough of it

This recipe came into our kitchen menu when I was looking for ways to introduce spinach/any palak into my kids diet. They hated it .... yes they hated it to the core. I started with soups and parathas and then landed onto this sandwich recipe which was welcomed the most pleasing way. I thought I had posted it already but looks like I missed it earlier. Well... as said better late than never

Mango and Nungu/Palmyra fruit Kheer

Nungu and mango .... I have never thought of this combination and I wouldn't have tried it if it was introduced  to us like this this. This recipe is not my own trial but was made by my mom who saw it on tv last month. The simplicity of the recipe drew us in and she made it for us. Well it was super hit.

I have had a small fracture in my hand some time back which has kept me away from my kitchen dealings for a while now. My mom and mil are helping me in the kitchen. When mom was here to help she made this recipe 4-5 times. Now that is quite a proof of how much we have fallen in love with it

I am not a big fan of nungu. In fact I just dont like it and dont even bother to try eating despite its wonderful health benefits. Google it and you will end up with a big list of amazing benefits that this tiny fruit holds. The most important is that it is a very good body coolant - a must for us during the scorching summers. This recipe has changed my way of looking at this jelly-like fruit. Hats off to the tv show and hats off to my mom for making it for us. Feeling good that we are enjoying the goodness of this fruit in a way that has pleased our taste buds to its best 

Jun 25, 2015

Vadu maanga pickle

Vadu Maanga and thayir saatham....mmmm..... heavenly. Those who have tried it will understand what is it that I am talking about. Curd rice and vadu maanga pickle combination is a very very common tummy entertainer and cooler in Tamilnadu

I have always had plenty of good friends around me all the time who have gifted me jars of specially made pickle handed over with lots of love. My mom never made it so I did not know about this pickle till I went to college. There were plenty of friends in the hostel where I stayed and that is where I first got introduced to this. From then on I have been hooked to this pickle than any other

I tried this recipe last summer for the first time with my friend "my dear VM pickle supplier" when she was relocating. I knew that I had to learn the recipe and the best time to get the perfect recipe from her was then or never :) So last year we made a big jar of it but this year I tried only a little as it was first try on my own. It turned out good and tasted great. The only problem was that the jar got emptied very soon this time coz I made only little and also coz my lil kiddo loves it too. He was after my pickle all the time. Jotting down the recipe here so that I can pull it up again next year to restack my pickle jars

Jun 13, 2015

Cheese balls ... Cake zone special...

Made this a couple of months back and kids loved it. I think its a recipe worth noting down. We visited a local cake shop around 3-4 times within a fortnight during the summer vacation. This is not a regular habit of mine to take them out so frequently. Its not that I was in my regular lazy style but it was due to the "vacation flu" that had gotten in ;) Going to summer classes and having a lot of free time to kill had made us try all this :) 

During this time we got to munch on some cute cheese balls which tasted a little different from the ones I usually made. To find out the exact flavors I had to taste it more than once..  now that was a super excuse to eat more than one :) Guessed and felt the bite of a few extra ingredients and me and the kids decided to try making them at home for sure
Tried this recipe with our guesses or instinct as you could call it. The outcome was awesome and turned out perfect. Loved it ever since and also tried freezing ans frying them a couple of times. They also tasted perfect

Jun 10, 2015

Instant Mango Pickle ... Ver 2

Mangoes .... yumm they are in season again. Ripe ones, unripe ones all are heaped up in markets. Oh my gosh... they are in for breakfast, lunch, dinner and somewhere in mid for a snack/drink too. Love the way it can make entry in so many many and mannnnyyyyy ways. And yes every form of it is loved - be it drinks or cakes or kuflis or ice creams or chutneys or pickles or many such yums. Well...... mango does have a justified reason to be called "The King" of fruits

Mango pickle and curd rice are the perfect combi for a light lunch when the sun is scorching outside. Pleasing to the tummy and satisfying your taste buds is the perfect job that these pickles do. We love mango pickle. There are so many versions of it. We love the sun-dried, instant, pickled, cooked and all forms of mango pickle. This is the easiest of all and is loved by one and all. Usually this is served in marriages when mango is in season

I make this every summer many many times and its all gone before you think it should ;) I dont use too much chilli powder as my kids love this pickle and I dont like too much spice getting into their tummies, especially during the hot weather

Jun 2, 2015

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips taste really good. Very quick and easy to make they serve as a perfect evening snack. I dont even add salt to the chips. They taste great as is and my kids love it a lot. Just a couple of sweet potatoes and evening snack is ready 


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