Nov 30, 2016

Ghee and nuts cookies

Ghee and nuts are both my favourites and I love them the most in my cookies. These simply delicious ghee and nuts cookies are gonna win your heart from the very moment your taste palate gets to enjoy these super yummy and nutty goodies. Simple to taste with no fancy things added is what has made this a preferred cookie in our house. Love the aroma that fills the kitchen when I bake these. Mmmmm... I can smell it even now when I am just thinking of it :) I dont remember where I picked this recipe from ... could be the internet or some tv show. Just had it jotted down in a piece of paper tucked in my diary. I have halved the recipe always to make just 10 cookies... enough for tea-time for our family

Its all about the aroma of ghee, the nuttiness of dry fruits that makes these cookies special. I dont compromise on the ghee as I feel that is the best part of it. If you are not a big fan of ghee or if you are not a fan at all then this might not be the right cookie for you. But still you can replace the ghee with butter and make the cookies. The cookies will sure turn out delish but they wont be ghee cookies anymore ;)

Just put all the ingredients into a bowl. Mix it till just incorporated and no more. Refrigerate for a little time then roll them out and bake. Thats it and your cookies should be ready to eat in not time 

Nov 4, 2016

Kaju katli... rich and delicious

Kaju Katli is a rich sweet made with cashews/kaju as the main ingredient. It is a very common sweet found in almost all sweet shops. My younger kid is a big ....I should say BBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG fan of kaju katli. He just can never have one. If I let him have as per his wish he can empty a whole box of this sweet in not time. Everybody in the family knows about his love for this sweet. So whenever grandparents visit him, they make sure they get it for him... though I make sure they buy minimal

I had to learn making this sweet for his sake. It was undoubtedly simple to make and the best part is that it takes very little time. They taste absolutely divine. There are a couple of ways I make it. Sharing one method now.... will post the next one later. Try this delectable dessert and enjoy it with your loved ones


Nov 3, 2016

Kaara Boondi.... a quick snack to munch on

I intended to post some sweets and  savoury recipes during diwali but well just got tied up with lots of work. So I thought I should post it atleast now to keep it for later use. This one is a simple and delicious savoury snack that is an addiction the moment you try it. It requires minimal ingredients to make this yummy snack. Its a favourite for kids and adults alike and so a double hit. In my house kaara boondi and boondi raita are loved by all. My elder kid is a big fan of this snack so its often made. I too never mind making it whenever he asks for as it takes very little time from start to end

Crunchy, spicy and yummy to munch on makes it a great snack. It can be had as is or can be used to make raita. Both ways they taste awesome

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