Jul 28, 2016

Macaroni and cheese in a mug

What if you are the only one to have a meal at home? I am sure you would feel lazy and reluctant to just cook a meal for yourself.... I know that atleast I am very lazy in such cases. For such days it is fun to dig in into some yummy favourite food of yours but without working a lot on it. It is fun to make and eat as well. I got inspired about mug meals after looking into some awesome videos by gemma from biggerbolderbaking. I am such a big fan that I love to create opportunities at home to try out these mug meals

I love the mug cakes that I have tried, mug pizza and mug omelette. This one is also my new favourite. The best part of making these mug meals is that you never have to attend to "too many" dirty dishes. Isnt that great when you are already lazy? Washing dishes on a lazy day makes me really annoyed

Try different recipes that you can enjoy as an individual serving and enjoy your meal in a jiffy. I have fallen in love with these and am sure that once you try these you will fall in love too 

Jul 26, 2016

Chilli Cheese Toast...

Chilli Cheese Toast is a super yummy snack that you cannot say not to. Me and my kids are a big fan of this toast. Hmm.... the cheesy cheese, the spicy chillies, the crispy bread, the soft tomatoes, crunchy capsicum ...... its such a beautiful combi that everybody will fall in love with it. It just takes a couple of minutes to put things together and just a few more minutes to toast it... and voila your snack is ready

My kids love this an after-school snack. Their faces just brighten up when they come to know whats gonna be served. Try this and am sure you will love it

Jul 22, 2016

Tawa paneer ... dry version as an appetizer

Tawa paneer dry serves as a perfect quick starter when you want to make your lunch or dinner menu more special without having to work too much for it. I love this stater as it is one that is loved by all in the family. The blend of spices used to marinate soft and moist paneer gives the dish the perfect taste. Try playing with the spices to suit your taste buds and you are good to go.
We love it so much that sometimes we end up making this as a sidedish for dinner along with chapathis or phulka. It is quick and easy to make which is the best. Something yummy to eat without sweating too much to tickle the taste buds is always a need in every kitchen. This one is definitely an answer to that

I have used whatever spices I had at hand and marinated just for 5 mins before tossing into the pan. Well the results are awesome. Do try and enjoy

Jul 21, 2016

Sandesh.... a special sweet that is delish

Sandesh is a bengali dessert which is as delish as it looks. It is made up of crumbled paneer and sugar. It is made using different methods ... say steamed and nowadays baked also. Will post those recipes too. I love bengali sweets especially rosogulla and sandesh

If you have an extra packet of milk in the fridge the you can make this in 10 minutes. I always make it using hoe-made chenna or paneer but you can use store-bought paneer as well. But as I always say nothing can equate to homemade. Its fresh and gives the dessert 
a fresh taste as well. Its all depending on availability and time that you have at hand

Try this recipe and enjoy the dessert 

Garlicky lemon Spaghetti

Sometimes we feel ... simple is the best and yes it is. Some evenings you just want to eat something very simple and nothing fancy. Well its just that thought that I am talking right now. How about grabbing a bowl of food and relaxing in the corner of the sofa doing nothing or just watching a movie. Call it lazy evenings or relaxing evenings it deserves some simple and quick treat. Well this recipe here is our favourite food for such nights. Love this simple spaghetti with a dash of lemon and garlic taste to perk up the flavours

Cook some spaghetti thats the part where you don sweat in :) Toss in the cooked pasta into some oil seasoned with chilli flakes and  garlic. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice and thats it ...its ready to tease your taste buds.

1 Minute Cherry Almond Mug Cake..

When I was browsing the internet with nothing else to do I chanced upon a recipe for cherry almond cake. I wanted to try it but was sure that my kids will not even bother to try it as they hate almonds and cherry too. Now I was in a fix thinking if I should make a big batch and share with friends or just leave the idea of making it at all as none in the family is gonna entertain it. Also I did not know how would the taste be so was very skeptical in trying 

Finally ended up deciding to make the almond cherry cake but not as a regular sized cake. I made it in a mug and enjoyed it. It was soft and feathery and the aroma was awesome. Made it again the very next week


Jul 19, 2016

Pretzel Bites

Pretzel bites have been our favourite since when my elder one was about an year and a half old. Roaming around in the mall on lazy evenings doing window shopping, then grabbing a small serving of pretzel bites for each of us and spending time chatting and giggling over something silly was so much fun. My younger one missed all that fun though. 

Here we dont get pretzel bites much. I am sure if I have had any in Chennai, probably I never tried looking for it. Me and kiddo was missing it so much that we decided to try making it. The process looked very basic and easy so we learnt how to make it. I dont make it often though but yes whenever we do we enjoy making and eating it :)

Jul 15, 2016

Basic White Bread .... using Tangzhong method

The food market is going nowhere. We really dont know if we are eating real food or just pesticide filled slow poison. These things have been worrying us for a long while now.  On top of this to add up a little more oil to the fire, breads have a trace of dangerous chemicals. Now even kids make sure we dont buy any bread from outside and they talk about how chemicals are dangerous to all of us. Nice to know that they know a lot but the worry is actually about the food that we eat

We love bread at our home and we can dive into it for breakfast, snack or dinner. Eating no bread cannot be the case so best solution is to make at home. I have been making bread for quite a while but not on a regular basis. I am just lazy. But now after all the stupid news falling into our ears about how not good it is to buy it from the store makes me make it more often despite the laziness :) It is simple to make but needs a little prep time though not much of hands-on time. So .....Now we just dont buy bread at all ... the whole family relishes home made fresh bread and relish its goodness to the last bite

Homemade is homemade.... with all that love in it. The house is so filled with the aroma of fresh bread ... hmmm ... nothing can beat that :) Bake your loaf at home with this simple recipe

Jul 13, 2016

Simple Paneer Buns .... a perfect after-school snack

Paneer buns..... my kids favourite, are always welcomed with a beautiful smile for that after-school snack time. Mummyyyyyy....... what is for snack today... Paneer Bun.... Oh mummy you are so nice ... you are the best.... love and hugs.. This is what happens in our home when I make these yummy soft buns for my kids to enjoy when they are back from school. Easy to make and perfect to liking is what makes is great 

The process takes time and some advance prep work but hands on time is very less. So what do you say???? In for it ??? Try making it and enjoy some fun quality time with your kids when they have their glass of milk along with their favourite snack

Vanilla Pannacotta

Vanilla Pannacotta is a rich and creamy Italian dessert that is distinctive in taste and flavour. I have already posted a recipe for mango vanilla pannacotta in my earlier post. This one is to make the same fancy dessert but in a little simpler style. I know I should have posted it before that post but somehow it stayed hidden in drafts till I found it today. Thought I should post it to keep the basic style handy

This was the first pannacotta we tried at home which was a perfect pleaser. Everybody liked and so it has had various red carpet welcome occasions at home. It is so easy to make that I never get to say to making it. I love serving them in small portions to enjoy it to the core. Presentation is perfect with those tiny cups or glasses and  best is you dont eat too much :)

Jul 11, 2016

Gobhi Paratha / Cauliflower Paratha

Gobhi paratha is my all time favourite. Have loved this from when i was a kid. Mummy makes the best parathas ever. She is just so good at it. We also make a lot of parathas at home but still whem my mom makes it for us I feel it divine... be it any paratha :). Moms are lovely ... aren't they???

This paratha is awesome to taste and so filling too. Everyone will love the taste of cauliflower in this avatar. My kids and mil are a big fan of it so its nice to serve it any day for dinner. Make the filling ahead and roll out the parthas at dinner time. It would be so much fun to enjoy your meal

Jul 7, 2016

Paneer frankie... especially for kids

Paneer frankie is usually loaded with a lot of stuff but I make this simple frankie for kids lunch box. This is a quicker version but has enough spice and taste to satisfy those little tummies. If I send this to school then I can be sure that they would be happy to finish it off completely. That is something very important for all moms :) .... happy to see a completely clean lunch at the end of the day

To keep it simple in the morning and also to get the paneer marinated throughly, I prefer to marinate the paneer overnight. A little curd and a few spices tossed together with paneer brings out wonderful flavours. Morning breakfast making is hassle-free on days that I make this for my kids

Mushroom Babycorn Gravy

Was looking to try some recipe to try using mushroom and babycorn as I had a little of both left over from the previous day. Wanted a combination of both to suffice for dinner served as a sidedish with chapathis. Looked up a couple of recipes over the internet and picked up a mind-satisfying recipe. Tried this for dinner last week and it was too good. Everyone including the little ones loved the gravy a lot

The preparation of this gravy was also a little different from the usual. Liked the preparation and the best part was that everyone liked it. This recipe is a keeper for sure. If you havent tried a combination of babycorn and mushroom then this recipe is really worth a try. Give it a try and I am sure you will enjoy it

Jul 2, 2016

Butterscotch icecream.... love it ...

I love butterscotch icecream ... the slight crunch of the butterscotch pieces hidden inside the creamy icecream is something really special. I have always loved it and so this icecream has been on my todo list for a very long time. This summer I made some for myself and enjoyed it fully

Jul 1, 2016

Curd Paneer .... Dahiwale Paneer

If your curd and paneer then this dish is for you. A very simple paneer dish that is pulled together in no time to serve a beautiful meal at your dinner table. The dish is named so as the main ingredient that makes the gravy is curd or dahi. The dish gets chunks of onions and tomatoes in a beauifully spiced curd gravy

This recipe is quick to make yet full of flavours. Me and my kids love it a lot

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