Aug 7, 2014

Peas paratha... Matar Paratha

I have decided that when green peas is in season then these parathas are sure to be had. Parathas are always welcome at our dinner table and this special peas paratha is sure a lovely addition to the parathas menu. I have  never made it  before so it sounded new to me the first time. One day when I was talking to my kids friends mom she said that she would be making matar ke parathe for dinner. Quite amused I asked her how did she make it as I had never tried it before. She said that I would be missing a great dinner if I did not make it when peas are in season and laughed out aloud. Its a must in her home when theres fresh green peas all piled up in the market and thelas

Made it last week for dinner and everyone in the family enjoyed it including my 3-yr old kiddo. It tasted awesome... the taste, the softness, the spiciness .... hmmm just tooo good. The recipe is very simple and its worth jotting it down here


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