May 20, 2013

Instant Mango pickle

Mango pickle is an irresistible pickle. I am not a huge fan of pickles who would eat it anytime and everytime but I sure love them. I stock some to have a little all around the year as most of us do. There are times when I run out of pickles or times when I just feel like having instant mango pickle. This one has a unique taste which is a little different from the usually made pickle

Whenever mango season is in we sure have this version at least a couple of times every year. My mil gave me a full 5 stars for this and so am sure she liked it ... loved it ;)

May 12, 2013

Paneer Potato Cutlets ...

Being a mom is the best thing in the world. I love being a mom and I want to be the best in what I do for my kids. Its not just me holding this feeling but all the moms in the world are like that. It is lovely the way it is :) Now why did I write this here. I am not sure why this came up now but well that I have written it I dont want to use the backspace button to either erase it. My heart just doesnt want to do so let it just stay there :)

Coming to this snack that am sharing here, it is simple and quick and a sure hit among kids and adults too. Fixing school snacks, after-school snacks and simple breakfast for lazy mornings is not tough but its always about thinking about the right thing at the right time. This snack will fit in right in the above. We make this snack often as it is a very well-known favorite at ours. 

This time I picked a new pack of biscuit cutters as the old ones were just too old to work through my kitchen any more. Seeing the new pack of cutter my kids were all set to try them on almost everything that could be cut. So this day we had these different shaped cutlets for snack, shaped mini chapathis, heart biscuits baked and what not.

These cutlets can be made in advance and stacked up in the freezer. Pull them out 15 mins before you wanna fry them and all set. The best part in our home is that the kids love to help me every time I make these so we have a good fun time in the kitchen and also that feel very proud to help me. So when Daddy's home you will sure hear this "Dadda we helped mommy in the kitchen today and she was very happy"

Coffee Mocha ... the simple way

Summer summer summer... yes summer is in. Temperatures are soaring, we are raining sweat, tired is a common word around, thirst is not something thats getting quenched very easily and the list goes on and on. I love coffee but drinking hot coffee is getting ruled out from my list nowadays. Love to hold something cold all the time to sip on and on.  Juices, shakes, butter milk, ice cream, chilled fruits, popsicles, crushed ice and mainly cold water are all the star highlights these days. Cant pass a day without atleast couple of these being dragged along ;)

Coming to coffee, as I said 'I love coffee' but drinking it hot is not much fun at this time of the year. I love making this simple cold coffee "My style Coffee Mocha" as I call it. Couple of minutes and a tall glass of chilled coffee is ready for the sip.

Whipped cream will have an added effect but I dont use it on a daily basis as I use fresh cream from 'boiled and cooled' milk. I feel it gives an extra flavor

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