Apr 21, 2016

Capsicum Masala... perfect for rotis

A simple side dish which is done in minutes with minimal effort is everyones choice on days that you feel lazy to sweat out in the kitchen. This recipe one such tasty treat lending a helping hand on such lazy days. Try it as a side dish for rotis and rice and you are sure to love it.

Apr 20, 2016

Doughnuts... loved by every kid

Doughnuts are my kids favorite and I should say my favorite too. I love munching on them especially the munchkins. I have loved them from day one. I feel that the doughnuts I find here in my place dont taste as good or fresh as they are meant to be. Initially I had to deal with it to help with my craze but once my kitchen saw these beauties were better and absolutely fresh when made at home, there was no going back. 

We love making them at home and yes I get a lot of help from my little buddies as its their favorite snack. They love making them and glazing/decorating/dipping them. 

I love everytihng except the deep frying part but I never stop eating it inspite of the guilt. I have always thought of trying the baked version but it has never happened. I fear it will not taste as good these. But I am planning to try that too though I dont know when
Well these are perfect to enjoy as your favorite snack

Puzhiyotharai mix... Puzhi saatham mix ... a handy item in every south indian home

Puzhiyotharai or puzhi saatham is a traditional south Indian food made in each and every household on a regular basis. Its also served in temples as prasadam. There are many different versions of this and everyone has heir own favourite style to suit their palate. Whatever it is and however it is made, I find it awesome as it lends a wonderful helping hand in packing kids lunch with no hastle

We all love this in our home. So the mix is always made in a decent amount and stocked up in the fridge. Whenever in a hurry or even on lazy days it comes in handy. Just cook some rice and add a little amount of this mix along with some gingelly oil and give it a quick stir. The rice gets ready in no time to be packed for office or school lunch

We make it so often that I forgot to write a post till now. Last week my friend Vidya asked me for my recipe when I got to know that the recipe wasnt up here. So here it is for you my dear friend 

Apr 19, 2016

Refreshing Amla drink

Amla / Gooseberry is full of goodness... fibre, calcium and antioxidants to name a few. It is a super good food for every age. The best thing and the most important reason for it being included in diets is to help increase body immunity. I hate to eat it as is so I end up making juices/drinks and pickle to add it to my diet

This drink is very simple and easy to make. Its so refreshing that you will not leave even the last drop in your glass ;) We love it in all seasons :)

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