Apr 9, 2015

Paneer Corn ... Stove-top Sandwich

We love the stove-top style carrot topped sandwich in my home. It is an all-time hit at the dining table. It has won many hearts whenever served as breakfast or as an evening snack. This recipe of paneer-corn sandwich is the same as carrot sandwich except for the basic ingredients being corn and paneer. A recipe that turned out to be a trial-n-error hit

This recipe was a wonderful trial in my kitchen a while ago with no clue how it would turn out when first made. On its first trial I did not want to taste it first believing it might be a little disappointment to  the high expectations that I had set in my mind about the outcome. Well to be honest it was a sweet surprise instead.... The first time it was served, it received the best warm welcome that any recipe could get. Yes big cheesy smiles were all-over my bubbly busy bumble-bees faces... yes thats how I call my kids often. I was so happy that the recipe was a huge hit and a cool addition to our breakfast menu. It has always had the same welcome at the table every time its made and served

Paneer-corn sandwich is a perfect breakfast menu that is very filling and comforting with a glass of chilled lemon-juice by its side. If you find the procedure to be too lengthy I have a simpler option for you. Split it into two parts. Make the topping in advance and keep it in the fridge. When making the sandwich in the morning just spread a little mixture and fry it as needed. Enjoy it warm/hot for your perfectly delicious breakfast

Serves... 4 ppl
Serve option... Hot/Warm 

This is what u'll need....

Whole wheat bread - 12 slices
Milk - 1/2 litre
Corn - 1 1/2 cup
Rava / Sooji - 3 tbspn
Fresh cream - 3 tbspn
Milk - 1/2 cup
Chilli flakes - 1 tspn
Oregano seasoning - 1 tbspn
Coriander leaves finely chopped - 3-4 tbspn
Oil to fry(not deep-fry)
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....
  • Take a working bowl and add the fresh cream and milk. I use cream floating on top of boiled and chilled(refrigerated) milk. It is really fresh tasting than any store-bought version
  • To this add scrambled paneer. If you had the paneer in fridge for some reason, leave it on the counter for about 15 mins before adding here. It tends to be hard when cold so better to bring it back to room temp before adding
  • In a pressure cooker cook corn with little salt and when done let it cool off. Once it cools down remove the corn kernels using a knife
  • Add this into the working bowl
  • Now spices time. Sprinkle salt, red chilli flakes and oregano seasoning. I used the packets that I got from Dominos. There's a lot of them leftover everytime and I always keep them to use in recipes where I need some dry herbs for additional flavor
  • Add sooji/rava to this mixture. This helps is giving a little texture and thickness to the topping
  • Chop fresh coriander leaves finely and toss them in. A little green is always a plus. Its gives a nice flavor too 
  • Mix all the ingredients together to spread the spices evenly all over. Check for spice and adjust to suit your taste buds
  • If you feel the mixture is too dry then add a few tablespoons of  milk, one spoon at a time and mix well
  • In case you have made this filling as a part of prep-work for the following days breakfast then cover it and leave it in the fridge.  Remove it from the fridge and leave it on the counter 15 mins before making the toasts. The rava usually soaks up all the milk in the mixture if left in the fridge. A few spoons of milk should fix this problem
  • Heat a tawa and sprinkle a few drops of oil on it
  • Spread a heaped tablespoon of mixture on one slice of bread. Keep it liberal and believe me you will enjoy it. Repeat with 3 more slices of bread and keep it ready for cooking
  • When the tawa is hot enough place the slices of bread filling-side facing down. Dont be in a hurry to move the slices around at his time. The filling will slide off from the bread :) . Let it cook for atleast 30-45 seconds before you can try to slide them around the pan
  • When the filling cooked say for about a minute and half try flipping the bread slice slowly. Slide  the spatula in completely under the toast to flip it with ease
  • Let the other side brown a little and get crisp
  • Flip one last time and cook for about 15-20 secs
  • Remove from tawa/pan and cut it into rectangles to serve
  • Enjoy hot with ketchup. Well we loved it as is... no sides and no ketchup :)

  • Spread a generous anount of filling mixture  for the perfect taste
  • Dont use more than just a few drops of oil. The cream and milk do the rest of the work to take of the required greasiness 
  • Dont brown the filling side too much. Keep it on the golden side to get the perfect flavours out 


  1. Reshma10/4/15

    I think i will try this. I like the ingredients combination. Hope the kids will like it

    1. Thanks for stopping by Reshma. Do try it and am sure kids will like it or i should say they will love it. Let me know how you liked it.

  2. Sandhya10/4/15

    Super idea. This is going to be for breakfast tomorrow. I have all that is needed to make it. Will let you know how it was

    1. I hope you tried it and liked it. Good to see you stop by

  3. Sudha12/4/15

    how will the topping stick to the bread. I tried today but it kept falling apart. What did i do wrong. taste was very good. i want to make again so please tell how to make it stick to bread

    1. Sorry for late reply. I think the mixture was too dry. Try adding a little milk in such cases. Milk will loosen up the mixture and keep the sooji and paneer together. Also try resting the mixture for 15-20 mins before using on the toast. I hope this helps.

      Let me know the next time you try. Happy Cooking :)

  4. This is my recent favorite one from my better half's kitchen - simply luv it

    1. :) and I love making it for you


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