Sep 14, 2012

Soya nuggy masala

Soya, its goodness, its yumminess ummmmmmmmmm... we love it. For me and my kids soya is a saviour many a days. My kids love them and they name them veggie chicken so its a very entertained curry for casual dinners. There are so many ways you can add soya to your diet but as curries it is very easy and simple in every way - to eat, to make and to enjoy :)

In recent time i have seen soya related food and food products are gaining popularity. This  is mainly attributed to its surprisingly good health benefits. Naming them down is not my intent here cos i know you can google it in a matter of secs. Keeping these in mind i never forget to add it to our routine meals. Not everyday of course but quite often for sure. The plus that i have in adding it is my kids love for it. Whenever i have made this, i have noticed  that their hunger starts from the moment they see the nuggets. My lil one still calls them 'nuggies'. During the time that i spend in the kitchen for making these nuggy special curries i have n number of visits from both my little bugs. Big bug asks "Is it ready yet mamma... how long do you think its gonna take?? " Little bug asks "Leady Leady ???" And no wonder chapathis served with this favorite curry are gobbled up in no time. A heavenly helping hand for mommy.

This recipe is a simple way of making dry sabji that involves very few spices and very few steps too. Love to my buggies in a simple way.

Sep 11, 2012

Silky Creamy Paneer Delicacy

So long since since i sat down to pen some of my favorites. Life had so many changes - some were good, some ok, some very bad, some happy, some sad.. thoughts running all over my head. All these have kept me away from this place not cos I was busy,, not cos I was lazy, not cos i dint want to but i just dont know what. Anyways back again to write down some recipes that i have tried and also some of childhood favs that i had almost forgotten. You know my problem now.. if i dont pen i just forget it - let it be the recipe itself or its instructions. Very recently i caught with some recipes that i have enjoyed as a kid but have never tried it in my own kitchen. Will post them soon so that i can keep it safe for my very own reference.

This one here is an inspiration from my friends recipe. I had been to my friend Shobi's place couple of months back. She is a very good friend - a kind of person everyone would love to be friends with. This time it was an unplanned visit to their house when we stepped in right before dinner time. She had planned something special for her family when we guys and another family friend too joined in. Wow... what a fantastic meal that day... loved every bite and i did make sure to ask her for the recipe :) now thats how i am. My mil always says that one should never lose an opportunity to learn and especially if it is something that has won your heart. This time it was a yummy paneer curry with naan. I got the recipe from Shobi and then days passed by and as usual i forgot. Called her again and got the recipe but this time too forgot to note it down and as usual could not pull it up from my brainy brains database. I remembered bits and pieces but not the entire :( When thinking and trying to make it i did not have a couple of ingredients so had to change a few steps here and there to fit with ingredients that i had. Believe me the outcome was awesome. I will sure call my friend to get her correct recipe version and post it soon.

Here i present my version of Creamy paneer delicacy that is my new fav addition to a yummy dinner menu. This came out fantastic and the best part for me - niks my 4 yr old loves it to the core. This is the compliment that i got "Mommy you are soooooooooooooo nice. This is most awesome food i have ever had. When i grow big like Dadda i will make something yummy like this just for you." Now that was one good "Love award" for a proud mommy. So here it goes third time in a row being served for dinner. Special orders here.

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