Nov 5, 2015

Cornflour Halwa .... with the perfect texture and perfect bite

Dont ask me why I am writing so many posts today. Got plenty of recipes to upload but never find time to sit and write... always lazy you see :) So today I decided to upload some sweets and savouries recipe for the festive season. Right time to get busy when I am already busy doing cleaning chores. But I know perfect time to add these recipes now. Sorry to a couple of friends whom I had promised...(latest promise ;)... that I would upload this a week back (or I should say some months back). Better late than never. And I guess this is  the right time... just before you start making sweets for Diwali :)

This recipe is very similar to cornflour halwa that I posted yesterday. Very simple to make and luscious melt in the mouth type makes it perfect for the occasion. The best part is it makes a lot in no time. So a jackpot when you want to make something special but yet don't have to sweat it out

Try this out this festive season and enjoy ...

Coconut Laddoo ... traditional way that my mom makes :)

Coconut ladoo and coconut barfi are my very big favorites. I remember my mom making batches of them for me when I was in my hostel. She always used to send it across every time there was a chance for someone to come down to my hostel. All my roommates used to praise my mom's effort in making them. Perfect taste, perfect packing and tons of love were always filled in it every time I have received them

She made it different ways ... with milk, without milk, very soft textured, a little stiffer type and guess it right, I loved every style she made it in. Hmmm..... I can't get my thoughts out of that sight in my mind :). Love you mom.. you are the best cook :)

Try this for Diwali and enjoy the festival. Tastes divine in every bite

Kalakand / Palkhova... using condensed milk...Very quick to make

Kalakand is a rich and creamy dessert perfect for any occasion. The traditional way is time consuming but thanks to condensed milk, it has made our jobs easy. Recipe here is made using homemade paneer or chenna and condensed milk. It is quick to make and tastes as delish as the authentic version

At home I always tend to make dessert in small quantities, except for festivals, to enjoy the taste but stay away from our conscious guilt. Even if big batches are made, they will be gone in no time. Most of my dessert recipes show quantity and ingredient for a minimal batch. To make more just proportionately multiply each 

Coming to the recipe. This one is a kids favorite too. They will love the soft and crumbly  texture of  this beautiful dish

Custard Powder Halwa ... Simple to make and Perfect to taste...

Planning to make something very quick and tasty and enjoy. Here is one recipe to the rescue. 15 mins and you will have this beautiful looking halwa ready to be served. Perfect for parties, get together, festivals or just to grab any time of the day

Pick your favorite flavored custard powder and make this in a jiffy. Kids love to eat it too as it has a beautiful jelly like look and texture. The color is also pleasing to the eyes. Sweeten it mildly or dense to suit your taste buds

We make small batches so that we can enjoy just content. Super soft and melt-in-the-mouth halwa is what we get to enjoy

Nov 4, 2015

Pasiparuppu payasam / Moong dal kheer

Moong Dal/Pasiparuppu Payasam is commonly found in every south Indian home during festivals or auspicious days. Simple to make and rich in taste makes it a quick inclusion in almost every festive occasion. Jaggery and dal cooked up nice and soft and topped up with homemade ghee and fried cashews and coconut bits ............hmmmm the thought of it makes me drool. The texture is perfect for a payasam and is sure to bring a smile on your face when you eat it

The best part is that I feel it is healthy unlike other payasam because of the goodness of moong dal and usage of jaggery instead of sugar. It does not make you feel very heavy after eating this dessert. So just to have a light and simple dessert this option lends a good hand

I have always loved this when my mom used to make for us so no wonder the recipe was carried over to my kitchen and dwells there since then. 

Rava Kesari / Sooji Halwa

Sooji Halwa / Rava Kesari is a very common sweet that is made instantly for any occasion or sudden guests. It is so simple and delicious that it becomes an uninvited guest in quick special menus. In south Indian families it is made for almost every occasion say birthdays, new year, diwali, deepam, krishnashtami and so on

It is a very simple and easy recipe but still I feel the perfect texture and taste depends on the right recipe. I dont compare my recipe with others coz I know everybodys taste is different. Some like it a little dry, some like it too sticky, some very sweet, some very ghee'y. So there is nothing like a perfect recipe. The only thing what matters is what you and your family like

Kesari in my house almost always turns out right. My mil will sure accept this as she loves it whenever I make. She never has put a bowl down without saying that it was perfect. She keeps complaining that she has always had problem with the right texture. Now she is not into cooking much so I try to make her favorite all the time and with the perfect taste that she loves

I am not sure how I missed posting this recipe for so long. It is made so often then I never thought of it or atleast I thought I would have posted it long back. It did not strike me until someone asked me for the recipe

Oct 29, 2015

Bread potato toast .... Simple and Delicious

Potato snacks are always welcomed among kids and adults alike. The taste and texture and simplicity is like an addiction. We make potato sandwiches and cutlets and rolls and what not... this one is more like an open sandwich. The toasting makes it more crunchy on the top and a beauty when presented

We enjoy this as an evening snack when the kids get to sit down relaxed for a while to munch on some favorites. This one is their special favorite which they fight for the perfect share... not less even by a single bite

Basic ingredients and a little time is all that you need to put together this yummy snack. Enjoy it during your evening tea or with a cosy cup of coffee at your morning breakfast table

Soya bean salad.... fresh and comforting salad

Salads are perfect. A bowl of simple salad can be perfect for breakfast or a quick lunch or even for a light dinner. Me and my hubby love these simple Salads at the breakfast table. No oil and loaded with fresh ingredients make you relish every bit of it without the slightest hint of guilt

Soy is rich and full of goodness. A legume with highest protein content makes it a wonderful choice for additions to our intakes. Has amino acids too. Google it and learn about the benefits it can give

A healthy salad is what is aimed here with minimal on spices to keep the taste fresh

Oct 10, 2015

Besan ladoo... one of my favorites

Besan ladoo is one of my very favorite ladoo. I am a big fan of ladoos and prefer almost any that I think of. Delicious rava ladoo, maa ladoo, dry fruits ladoo, malai ladoo, coconut ladoo and so many more. On how much I love each and every one of them 

Best part about ladoos are that they are very easy to make and you can make a lot of them in very little time. I dont make it too sweet so get to enjoy more. They are perfect for an evening tea-time snack, or a simple get-together and even for festival season. They go good almost everywhere

This ladoo is very easy to make and melts in the mouth bursting into flavours of roasted besan, ghee and coarse nuts

Oct 9, 2015

Paneer Tikka ..... a very flavorful appetizer

Paneer tikka... a very common and flavorful appetizer on a restaurant menu. Love them so much that the thought of it makes me and kids drool. We are big fans of paneer and this paneer recipe is the most relished one as far as my thinking is right. One can never have enough of it

Whenever we make this at home all the paneer is first off the plate. My kids will make sure every piece of paneer in the skewers is equally divided and placed right in "2 plates" (not 4 - we are a family of 4) Very disciplined kids you see ;) .... they are very sharing brothers but they forget mom and dad in this particular game :( What me and my hubby tend to eat are the roasted veggies most of the time. Sometimes we do get a slice or two of paneer depending on the kids mood. But never mind I always keep a couple of tikka skewers in the kitchen before serving the entire dish. I know about my naughty ones. After having fun eating their share I bring out our share ;)  and we enjoy again 

This recipe calls for simple ingredients that you will always find in the kitchen. Just mix in  the spices and marinade, then few minutes to make. A wonderful appetizer to please everyone in the family

Malai Ladoo... with condensed milk...

Malai ladoo ... a simple 3 ingredient delicious ladoo is a beautiful addition to the ladoos list. Kids love them too and they are super easy to make. They are super-soft and super-delicious. Nobody can say no to these little fellas

I have used condensed milk in this recipe but it can very well be replaced with sugar. 

Oct 6, 2015

Kofta with nuts and greens in a rich gravy...

Koftas and kofta curries are both a beautiful addition to any dinner menu. Whenever we hear kofta our eyes open wide and we sure feel that drool inside. Our family loves koftas... so it is an often seen menu. But instead of deep fried koftas I have shifted that part to tawa-cooked patties. A little less oil to stay away from the guilt. Its always better to stay away from deep-fried stuff if we can. Sounds good but not easy to find an alternate every time. Koftas into patties sounds good to me..... so this is how it is at our dinner tables 

This kofta has a beautiful nutty flavor from the walnuts, cashews and sesame seeds and also has an added aroma from greens like coriander, curry leaves, mint leaves and green chilly. It sure gives a unique crisp flavor to add up to the taste. I feel its a good way to add some health benefitting nuts and greens which is otherwise picked out from plates and cornered before even the kids start to eat

A simple yet rich gravy adds up to perk the taste and take it to new heights

Tutti Frutti Cookies.... made by kids every time :)

Nowadays my kids lend me a lot of help in the kitchen. Earlier it was now and then but now it happens more often. They feel so happy being in the kitchen and also have a great feel about cooking their own stuff. Hmm.... they feel like chefs... thats what they say ;) Oh yes .... they are cute little, smart, little "big man" chefs :) I always let them help me when they want to make their favorites

Time in the kitchen also becomes fun time. When making dough we make funny shapes and figures and tease each other, when using flour we make cute moustache and beard for ourselves, when it comes to tasting the dish we almost finish a decent portion of the food before it is even done and we come up with funny things and stories all the way from start to end. Every time cooking with these darlings has given me great times. The shapes might me a little odd, the presentation doesnt turn out perfect but yes the love doubles up, the fun triples up and the feeling of quality time spent multiplies nth time up :)

Here is one such recipe which they love to make whenever its baked at ours. This time I said let me give the finishing touches so that I can take pictures of the good-shaped ones for my blog and hhmmmm they felt a little sad.... "Mummy but we make the best shapes right???" and I did say "You are the best and these are best shapes ever" Dont mind the broken edges and the cracked cookies .... there was a lot of love and dedication from two little cute pairs of hands :)

Check out this recipe and enjoy. We make this for the tiny-break in school... so that the kids can enjoy a munch and have a quick share with friends

Whole wheat eggless chocolate mini muffin

Finding healthy and yummy options to eat is always in every moms mind. Cakes are an all-time favorite and an all-time hit in every house but lurking with maida or all-purpose flour is not a good idea always. A substitute with whole wheat flour gives our senses a guilt-free feeling when enjoying a tasty snack

We tried making whole wheat mini chocolate muffins for a simple snack and loved it. Pack a couple of them for kids school and hubby's office and they are all enjoyed with a sense of satisfaction. I havent egg in  this recipe. Instead used a mashed ripe banana for a great taste and moist cake 

Oct 5, 2015

Quick sambar... or instant sambar

Idli and sambar is a perfect combi and nobody can deny it. My hubby loves sambar and now my little one is a biiiiiiiiiigggggggg crazy fan of sambar. There are times when he would just want dosa and sambar and nothing else for dinner. There are days when I would not be in a mood or time to make sambar and he would keep insisting in making atleast a small bowl for him. He is not adamant but when he keeps putting forward a lot of please, I sometimes cant say no to him. Everybody in our family knows about his love and craze for dosa and sambar. If we are planning to visit my parents then my mom would make sure she will make sambar especially for this little one

Coming back to the recipe. My mom taught me this instant sambar one day when I did not have tuvar dal at home but had to make some. The recipe is very simple and pretty easy to make so it has been repeated often in my kitchen for Aadit

Aug 28, 2015

Cauliflower tots... a super snack to enjoy

Cauliflower tots are a super-yummy snack well worth the wait and effort. We make it for lunch as a side and as snacks as well. Either way these are loved till the last bite is done. I have baked it for a healthier version but you can always shape them as you want and finish it off by shallow frying. At ours we either bake them or make it on tawa with minimal oil

These tots are a little spicy... a bite into it and you will feel it a little crunchy on the outside. Inside you will have a soft and grainy textured bite which will melt with blasts of spice every time. A little makes a lot of it and that is the best .... you would just need a little cauliflower and you will end up making lots of these tiny guys. Well thats nice... you can eat a good fill :)

The recipe calls for very simple ingredients and am sure you will find everything in your kitchen pantry. Thats the best part ... isn't it???

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