Aug 28, 2015

Cauliflower tots... a super snack to enjoy

Cauliflower tots are a super-yummy snack well worth the wait and effort. We make it for lunch as a side and as snacks as well. Either way these are loved till the last bite is done. I have baked it for a healthier version but you can always shape them as you want and finish it off by shallow frying. At ours we either bake them or make it on tawa with minimal oil

These tots are a little spicy... a bite into it and you will feel it a little crunchy on the outside. Inside you will have a soft and grainy textured bite which will melt with blasts of spice every time. A little makes a lot of it and that is the best .... you would just need a little cauliflower and you will end up making lots of these tiny guys. Well thats nice... you can eat a good fill :)

The recipe calls for very simple ingredients and am sure you will find everything in your kitchen pantry. Thats the best part ... isn't it???

Paneer bhurji and cashew gravy

This is a super simple and delicious recipe perfect for some interesting dinner time with friends and family. Quick to make and impressive to serve giving a complete feel of satisfaction while satiating your taste buds to the fullest is what this recipe is all about

Paneer and cashews are always a rich and inviting combination to please anyone. A few spices and little cream adds up to spike the taste to sinful heights

We love this recipe and hope you love it too

Sweet corn Street-food style... simple butter and salt

The simplest and most like snack .. and yes a no-fuss snack for kids. Every kid loves corn and if served in their way it more fun then they imagine. My kids love butter corn. They come across it almost everywhere these days... street shops, malls, super-markets and lot more. I dont encourage them having outside but at home we make sure we enjoy every little kernel and nothing less than that

Simple and easy to make makes it very welcoming in the kitchen. Kids love towards this snack and the benefits of having the right fiber and vitamins that it holds makes it a very good choice as an after-school snack

Aug 18, 2015

Tapioca chips

I love tapioca chips and so do my kids. Whenever tapioca is in season I buy them for sure. Love eating tazhicha kelangu / tapioca puttu. My mom makes it for breakfast or as an evening snack. I can keep eating it as long as my tummy can hold ;) 

But I always buy tapioca chips from outside... hot chips. They are perfectly done always and fresh too. We all love it. Last time when I bought some tapioca to make puttu my elder kiddo instead  wanted to have some chips so ended up making this


Aug 12, 2015

Whole Wheat Potato Samosa...

Samosas serve as a great snack or appetizer. Everyone loves samosas except for the fact that they are deep fried in oil. Now I know that there is no escape from that as I have always been madly in love with this snack. These are some special varieties which make me drool and I dont have a choice except to eat it. I dont know I can never say no to it ;)

This one is one such variety which we love. As I make it from whole wheat, atleast I stop feeling guilty by staying away from maida which is another bad addition to our diets. Stuffing is the same as you want to any other samosa. Fill in into whole wheat pockets and fry them. A perfect snack for cozy evenings is what it suggests

Aug 3, 2015

Roasted Cashews ... spiced with just salt and pepper

My kids love roasted cashews. We have all been a fan of the ones we get from Mangalore. When my dad was in mangalore it was so much fun to go there for every vacation. Everytime on the way back home  dad would buy these roasted cashews for us without fail. Not only this but also other dry fruits. There is this store in Mangalore called Phalguni Achal where we get really good dry fruits. We have been in love with them

Now after my dad shifted from Mangalore we dont get to eat roasted cashews with the same taste. My elder one was talking to me in the morning about this as how he misses mangalore, city centre, Pabbas and these roasted cashews. I thought I would buy some for him and got it from a nearby store. He ate but said it did not mark up to the taste. I understood that he like nice big beautifully shaped cashews that taste just wonderful without a scope of bitterness anywhere

I have batch of fresh nuts lying in the fridge. Dad made sure to stock it up for me that could last a year. I pulled out a pack and seasoned it a little. Niks loved it to the core. Both the kids enjoyed and then Niks put a few in a box and saved it for the next day too

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