Mar 24, 2013

Spinach stalks soup... thin n clear

Are you among those who throw away the stalks leftover after using spinach leaves from a pretty good bunch? I sure was one like that but not anymore... yes i make the best and tastiest use of it. I try to use most of them in the gravy if it involves blending as I feel it all blends together nice and smooth. But in case when I am into sauteing or doing some stir fry I never feel like adding the stalks. Its just that I dont feel like adding them in. I was wasting all the stalks until the day my mil told me not to and use it in some kind of soups. She told me that it had all the nutrients that the leaves would have so why waste it. This gave me the idea to make this soup. 

My elder kid is a little fussy when eating spinach gravies. Its not that he doesnt eat but I am pretty sure he doesnt like it and eat it for the sake of eating. So the no-stalkwasting  business gave me a simple idea of a clear soup. Clear soup is my kids favorite and they drink loads of it. So there we were, both in the same happy boat this time.

I threw the usual ingredients that go in a soup and loved the outcome. Now happy that nutrients are getting in more without any fussy or funny faces

Mar 22, 2013

Macaroni with tangy tomato sauce...

Pasta is every kids favorite... no no its an adults favorite too in many cases like me here. For an extra special Friday evening dinner we have tables lined up with plates of pasta ... the specialty is that we dont share with each other :)  I know thats bad but its just too good to share with others. Having kids gobble down their meals at jet speed is every mamma's dream and I am no exception to that. For me Friday evenings are like the dullest when it comes to household chores. Its not about exhaustion but sure a laziness looking forward for a fresh-break weekend. So I feel that its the right time of the week to sparkle some shine on my kids faces without huddling around the kitchen for a long time. 

When they hear the word 'pasta' or they see the pasta jar filled up with those tiny shells and pipes and swirlies and ribbons, they just cant resist. To make them smile the easiest way on a dinner table is to serve them this favorite of theirs. We have variations all around but finally end up with the word pasta... whichever it may be.

This simple recipe calls for tomato, garlic and coriander for the base sauce. Simple to make but brilliant to taste. Just the right measure to get the perfect taste and I can assure you bowls getting emptied in no time :)

Mar 21, 2013

Strawberry lemonade...

Strawberries are sweet and lemonades are yummm so Strawberry lemonade should yummily sweeeeeettt..... and yes they are. They are one of the best lemonades at my home. We have loved this every time we've made. It is so much loved that I make a ont-time syrup and chill it in the refrigerator. Every time we want to relish this heavenliness, we just need a couple of minutes before we can sit down, relax and enjoy.

It seems like I have been making this for ages now but no.... its just after my elder kid turned one. It was only after that time that I had somebody to ask me for specials all the while. Each time my little one has asked me for something special, I have always tried to give my best at it. This one is another such addition that has been introduced into our home's quenchers menu for my little nunnu - thats how I called him when he was one. I have called him by a thousand different names after that :)

I know that everybody knows how to make a lemonade and also know that it is easiest thing to remember. This is my style with little top-ups for a perfectly balanced-out taste to suit our style. We love this better than stocking up store bought juice bottles. Easy to make and perfect to quench your fiery thirst :)

This post has been sitting in my folder for such a long time that I have to post it now.... am doing my homework you see...

Mar 3, 2013

Spruced up Buttermilk...

Summer heat has started creeping up here. I know it is just the beginning of March and my comment is too early to say this. But it is so very true... days are so very hot. The only good thing is that nights are better off when compared. Huff... its so very tough to fight these sunny and over-hot days. 

It has been a good practice in our homes to have chilled buttermilk to keep our bodies cool. My mil always makes this for us whenever she is around and we are so addicted to this drink in summers. It really keeps our body cool from inside. The best way to get refreshed when you are already losing all your body water through sweat. 

We prefer to have this before going out in the hot sun. It helps our energy cells sustain freshness for a long time without getting dehydrated. There are various recipes for buttermilk and here's an addition to it :)

Mar 1, 2013

Simply delicious dessert shots for sweethearts

We had been to a cake shop few days back when my kids ordered themselves some dessert shots. I was scolding them for always trying such junk stuff... its not that I dont eat but cos they would just eat half and waste the rest. Pretty much after that I will have to eat that whether i like it or not :) But this time I was surprised by the size when they showed me their dessert glasses. They were mini size... yes i would say 'the right size' that you can happily relish these sinful delights without a second thought. 

I bet they were good seeing the way my kids were enjoying. When I asked my little one he did not bother to share. My elder kid loves me soooooooo much .. he shared a little scoop in his tiny spoon and yummm I had to ask him for more... but this time my request was rejected :( I wanted it too so I  had to order one for myself . Seeing this my hubby also decided to get one for himself. We all fell in love with this simple but super-delicious dessert. I wanted to make it .. not the same fancy style but a little different with what i had at hand. But first hand I had to buy these small glasses... finally could manage to get 4 glasses after a real treasure hunt. 

I made this with my kids couple of days back and it was a real real hit. All of us enjoyed our version especially my mother-in-law. She was just wowwed :)

Omelette gravy...

This recipe tastes like karakuzhambu - the spice, sourness and texture is almost the same. The ingredients are same too.  Egg gravy is usually with boiled eggs or egg poured in. But this one calls for omelettes with lots of onions in it. My mom makes it the best and i think I am good too if not perfect like her. But there you go... moms are moms.. they are just perfect :)

I learnt this recipe from her and have made it loads of times for my family. My mother-in-law love this so much that she learnt it from me :) Now that makes me feel happy... nice mil you see. This pleases taste buds of both kids and elders alike so no one is left out at the meal table.

This tastes best with rice and serves itself as side-dish and gravy too. So you don't have to make another dish when making this one. I like this kind of recipes... less time in the kitchen is more time to do something else for the day

Guava n Banana Smoothie...

I made some guava smoothie today but this recipe is not the one for the drink I made. I will be posting that soon. This one here is another smoothie that I again made past breakfast time (second smoothie round for the day) today to try out a recipe that I luckily picked up from my friend after I enjoyed some at her house. Couldn't resist trying it out myself  so made it pretty quick just now and happily served myself a tall glass of chilled Guava Banana Smoothie. Yummm... 

Here is the part of today's story .....I stopped by my friends house today morning for something we had to talk about. A neighborhood friend whom i meet everyday but Guess what ????? Today I was warmly and very smilingly served with a glass of this chilled yummy smoothie. Wow... I should say it was marvellous. I loved every sip of it and enjoyed the very same way till the last sip... no no I should say 'the last drop of it' :)  Thanks to you J ;)  You made my day with your gesture and special smoothie too. Hope you don't mind me sharing this recipe here.

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