Jan 19, 2016

Cornflakes coated Cookies .... irresistible

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2016!!!!

Hope you all had a very fantabulous time with friends and family. Me too.... had loads of fun with friends and family. Thanks to all of you for liking my page on facebook. So many likes suddenly. Looking back, it all started as a personal blog and then I shared it friends and then it reached friends of friends and their friends too. Thanks to all of you once again. This pushes me more to write posts more often than I do

This recipe is in here to help me start writing my blog this year with a sweet note. Let me update my blog often and pile up my recipe collection to good heights. We tried making a lot of cookies this season .. some we liked some we didn't, some were gud for the health sake and some turned out just awesome. Will try to share some that we liked and loved

This is not a new recipe but I am sure I havent added this recipe so thought will put it up. This is one cookie that is often made in our family and too with lot of love because every time this is made ... my little helpers are sure to be in the kitchen. They always want to make this one on their own. Do try to make some too and fill your kitchen and hearts with loads and loads of love

A simple intro... these are crunchy and crispy cookies that are made in no time. These are very very simple to make and they taste super yummy. They just melt in the mouth and make your taste buds jump in joy

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