Mar 3, 2017

Creamy Macaroni soup

Soups are very comforting during lazy, cozy evenings. A rainy day or a cold evening is best enjoyed with a warm bowl of soup. Macaroni soup is a rich, creamy and heart-winning soup that will please kids and elders alike. My kids are a big fan of this soup. The best part is you never have to ask them to finish the soup... coz its already gone before you have to even ask them to drink some. 

This soup has little bit of veggies and loads of macaroni seasoned with mild seasonings and enriched with cream. Its not one of those spicy hot soups but instead gently seasoned
A bowl of soup is pretty filling and sometimes we end up having just this soup for dinner with a small serving of fruits. Light to the tummy it sounds perfect to me. A bir treat for kids

Rumali roti.... very soft and yummy

Rumali roti means handkerchief like rotis... a soft and very thin roti that can be crushed and squeezed in your palm but still would hold itself without tearing like a kerchief. They are very thin and soft and are best enjoyed when served hot. This is one of my favourites in our very loved Indian bread basket. Pair it up with a spicy chicken curry or some silky paneer butter masala or some sweet shahi korma. It goes well with any gravy 

This recipe uses 50% maida and 50% atta for making the roti dough. I tried this recipe fro the internet though I dont remember which one. The first try was a huge hit at home and so I have been hooked on to this recipe ever since. I havent tried any other recipe for rumali roti as this seems fool-proof and yields really soft rotis

The trick to making this rotis very thin and soft lies in making a very very soft dough and also the rolling part. It has to be rolled out very very thin for best taste

Mar 2, 2017

Uppu urundai.... a simple healthy breakfast

I love this breakfast option coz of its simplicity in taste and appearance too. My hubby is not a big fan of it though so I seldom make it. My mom makes it for me whenever I feel like having it as its a regular option for breakfast at theirs. I would say this would fall under healthy category as it uses very little oil and is steamed.... so everyone can enjoy guilt free

Rice batter is seasoned with a wonderful tadka and then steamed to perfection. It would serve good for breakfast as well as an evening snack. It is very filling too. Steaming hot they are perfect to taste


Crispy corn.... a yummy appetizer

Crispy corn appetizer is a new starter to me. We ordered it some time back when we went out for dinner with some friends. I usually order the regular stuff for starters whenever I visit vegetarian restaurants. But this time my friend was very clear that she wants to try something different so picked up 2-3 starters all that we had never tried. Well I should say... it was worth a try especially this crispy corn starter. We all loved it. Even the kids could not resist eating and they really really enjoyed it

After that I almost forgot about it until a couple of months back when my elder kiddo asked me to make some for him. I was somehow tied up with something or the other and kept forgetting about it. Last week when I bought some sweet corn to make some sandwich for breakfast Niks insisted me to make some crispy corn that day itself as I keep forgetting about it. He was not adamant in asking me to make it insead he told me how much he loved it the other day. He knew the recipe was easy so he kept pushing me and also offered help from his end to make this snack

I had some idea about the recipe because you can easily guess it once you try it. Checked out some recipes to get a good idea before I started to make it. The recipe calls fro deep-frying corn and then tossing them into some minimal spices... thats it. It doesnt take much time except if you are gonna photograph all the steps :)

Mar 1, 2017

Spicy mushroom masala

Mushroom sauteed and then simmered in a spicy and tangy gravy is definitely a wonderful side when having chapathis/naan/pooris for a meal. A silky smooth gravy with a rich colour gives the dish a restaurant-style effect. This recipe can be a called a crowd pleaser. Kids and elders ... everyone will love this gravy 

I was very lazy to make dinner yesterday but then realised that I had to finish up a pack of mushrooms that was lying in the fridge for 2 days. Was feeling very dull and lazy from morning and could not get out of it. When I saw the mushrooms I knew I could not let it go waste. So reluctantly pulled it out and decided to make something spicy and restaurant-style. Kids showed up in the kitchen and offered help. They had so much of enthu after having a tiring day at school and an evening class. I could not say no to those cute-little smiling faces. So keeping the laziness aside I decided to make our evening a fun-filled one with lively conversations in the kitchen. We ended up having lot of fun and enjoyed a dinner which we relished till the end.  I paired it with whole-wheat naan and some chilled lemon-juice to enjoy a great dinner.
Well the gravy can be made in under 30 minutes but we were so busy chatting and helping each other and taking selfies and each others pictures that we spent more than an hour in the kitchen. Finally it was all worth it when the dinner turned out perfect pleasing everyones taste buds

Dry fruit chikki...using jaggery

Dry fruit chikki is a healthy snack which is a good addition to kids evening or any-time snack. Made with jaggery and dry fruits it is as healthy as it sounds. I make small batches to enjoy them fresh whenever we want. It is easy to make this chikki if you get the right trick to make the syrup. Its all in the syrup... if too thin then chikki becomes sticky and chewy and if its too thick then the chikki turns out very hard

I am not a big fan of store-bought dry fruit chikki. I feel that something is lacking in taste always. The sweeter component always dominates the dry fruit flavour making it more of something else than a chikki ;) The first time I made this at tie I knew what was the taste I was looking for. Adjusted the jaggery level and made according to our taste preferences. Making it is pretty easy and hassle-free so why wait when we can make the best at home. My kids love peanut chikki so when they gave this a try they loved it too. They pick them whenever they want and munch on

You can make a big batch and store it in an airtight container. Make some today and enjoy with your loved ones. I am sure everyone will love it

Feb 28, 2017

Crispy baby corn fry

Baby corn is so yummy and such a favourite to all. Loads of ways in which one can enjoy these cuties. We love it deep fried, in gravies, as starters, as pizza toppings and a lot more ways. This version of baby fry turns out very crispy and the best part is it is very very easy to pull the recipe together. The fried baby corn versions I have shared in my blog are the battered ones - Baby corn golden fry and Babycorn-65. They are great to taste and this recipe here makes yummy baby corn fry too but using just dry ingredients

I wont say its a kids favourite.... well it is everybody's favourite. Crispy, spicy coating on baby corn gives it a great taste. Bite sized pieces make it  more interesting and easy to eat. It is so addictive that no one can have just a few. It is gone as soon as it is served and there is always a demand for more

The taste is all about the spices you use to jazz up the babycorn pieces. I have used about 4-5 spices but you can top up the spice-list with your favourites. Spice mix,  flour and babycorn are the only stuff needed to make this.... and ofcourse oil. I cook the baby corn ahead of time and let it cool down. Once I need to make the fry I just add all ingredients to a bowl and toss the baby corn pieces too so that its well coated. Deep fry them and thats it they are ready to eat


Penne pasta in pink marinara sauce

The name was different and so was the taste. I saw this recipe on the internet last week and decided to make it for dinner as the recipe called for very basic ingredients which I had in the kitchen pantry. My kids are a big fan of white sauce pasta so that is what is often made at home but I love spicy pasta, tomato pasta, pepper pasta and more.... When I caught a glimpse of this recipe I felt it was as per my liking and I would sure enjoy it. Gave it a try and the kids loved it too. They fell in love with it that I made some again for breakfast next morning

The recipe gets done in 10-12 minutes. Cook the pasta in one pan and stir up the sauce in another at the same time. Mix everything together and you are done to enjoy a tasty bowl of this super yummy pasta. It is perfect to taste with a little bit of tanginess from the tomatoes, a little bit of creaminess from the cream and cheese and the perfect spiciness from the chilli flakes and herbs. Sounds simple but the taste was filled with the perfect proportion of all that would make the dish perfect

Feb 27, 2017

Vanilla cake in pressure cooker

My mom first started making cakes in a pressure cooker. She used to make it often and we would be excited and jumping around to get the first bite of the freshly baked warm cake. During childhood, most of the days used to feel like an occasion as some neighbour or other friend will always be there in the afternoons chit-chatting and making or doing something. We used to have a good time and the days used to be so lively. Neighbours used to come home often, sit and chat for long times, friends used to stop by to play and we used to have all sorts of fun. This cakes brings back a lot of memories :)

I started making cake in oven so did not try to make in pressure cooker any time. I have a few friends who have been asking for the procedure to make cake in cooker. Every time my friends ask me I would call my mom, get the recipe and then again call my friends back to explain everything. I have done this so many times now that I understand it is high time I jot it down and make a post so that the recipe stays in the tip of my hands always

The use of cooker makes the cake taste a little different around the edges if you let it brown a little. I love the browned edges and really love biting into it. They taste really wonderful. I tried making it at home and enjoyed every bit of whatever I got :) The kids loved this version too



Butter Naan without yeast

Homemade naan is a great option to make your simple dinner a little more exciting. Naans go really good with a lot of gravies and the options are endless. Also you can make it with different topping flavours .... simple butter or garlic or onions seeds or sesame seeds. Our family loves homemade naan and we enjoy it every time its made. I usually make the yeast version -> Naan using yeast. They turn out perfect every time

Sometime back I eyed another recipe of naan made without using yeast and the best part its made without the dough waiting/resting time. This sure is a saviour when you are running short of time or have sudden guests. just mix everything together and knead it into a soft dough. Rest for just 15 minutes (if you have) and you can roll them out and cook till done

I kept this recipe in mind for a long time and finally got a chance to try it. Loved the outcome. It turned out very soft and the taste was great too. We enjoyed it with some chicken curry and it tasted perfect. The recipe is sure a keeper


Feb 24, 2017

Simplest chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are every kids favourite. I make it my mincing meat and then adding egg and spices to it. Finally they are shaped and fried till done. I also make it using the breading method which tastes very different from the minced style. They both taste very different and also very good

This recipe calls for very simple ingredients for marination and then a simple breading technique. You can as little or as many spices when marinating the chicken. Here I have kept it very very simple and it turned out just great. A simple trick to make your kids happy


Eggless Caramel Pudding / Creme Caramel

I posted a creme caramel recipe(by martha stewart) that I tried some time back. It was perfect to taste and I loved the texture too. Though everything was great about the recipe I ended up making an eggless version too. This recipe was not looked out on purpose but just came up when I looking for something else on youtube. When I saw the post name I thought I should have a look at it. The recipe was so very simple that I could not resist making it immediately and yes it turned out awesome too. It uses agar-agar to get the pudding effect and the dessert was really creamy

Caramel pudding or creme caramel is a perfect dessert to serve if you have guests coming over and you have some time to do a little prep work. This recipe works like a charm and you in luck if you are looking for an eggless version. Mix ingredients up and then boil the mix for a while. Finally set it on hardened caramel and you are good to go. Check the pudding in 30 minutes and enjoy the soft, chilled and creamy dessert

Since this dessert can be made a day ahead, you can be relaxed when you plan dinner for a happy get-together with your wonderful group of friends

Feb 23, 2017

Pav buns made in just 1 hour / 1 hour rolls

I have been enjoying making my own bread and buns and pav for quite a while now. Whenever I make some over the weekend and I have a chance to visit my mom, I bake some bread for her too. She loves the homemade version so whenever she plans to make pav bhaji she asks me to make some pav for her. Sometime back when she wa about to come to our home she just called up and asked if I could make some pav for her for the next day so that she could use it for breakfast. I had very little time... say just about an hour and a half which was not enough to make the buns. I told her that it would take time and it will not be possible. But my mind was not happy to deny her request so quickly browsed my pinterest saves to check out the 1-hour dinner that I have always eyed on

Got this recipe that I had saved on pinterest long back and finally got a chance to try it. It was pretty quick to make and turned out very soft and feathery. My mom liked it so much that day. She was happy that I made it for her even after I said I wont be able to

Try this 1-hour pavs and I am sure you will hook on to this recipe. Enjoy feathery soft pav buns made right at home


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