Dec 30, 2016

Dragon rolls... the cheesy ones

Dragon rolls.... now these are not the dragon rolls that are like the large spring rolls stuffed with a lot of veggies. We have a restaurant nearby that serves this dish named dragon roll which in nothing but cheese and onions stuffed inside a simple flour wrapper. The stuff is so simple yet my kids and me are so much in love with it. They love it so much that they tend order it most of the times. Now .... last time when we were at the restaurant and were enjoying this starter I felt it was too simple to replicate at home... and so why not try

I was sure about the ingredients because it was pretty simple to make out. Tried making it at home with homemade wrappers and they turned out awesome. The kids gave me full marks for their favourite and they finished it off in no time. They were so excited when they were served something that they love so much. There were showers of praise from those sweet little hearts and I could see they were really true

If you are a cheese lover like us then I am sure you too will fall for it. Try it and enjoy 

Vegatable Mini Omelette.... perfect for kids :)

Including veggies in every meal is definitely a task. A task that all moms have to face when planning for a meal or even a snack... say a healthy one. This simple snack or side dish is definitely gonna be on your menu if you think that veggies need to be tricked in to your kids tummy without giving them a chance to pick them out

My kids love omelette loaded with onions and I thought this might be helpful in getting in some other veggies too into their little tummies. I tried adding some carrots and cabbage into the omelettte and guess what they did feel it a little different but dont worry.... they loved it to the core. They loved it so much that it has become an " often made menu" in our home

Its definitely a change from the regular omelettes that I serve as a side during our lunch times. Spice it up as per your wish and enjoy


Dec 29, 2016

Pizza dough

Every time we make bread and buns or pizza the basic dough that we make is almost the same. I find it too repetitive to describe the entire dough process for every recipe. So I thought I will make one detailed explanatory post on making pizza dough. This can be referred every time a similar dough is prepared. You can always use the ingredients quantity from the original post and then refer the process of making the dough in this post here

If you master making this dough then you will never think of buying bread or buns or pizza from outside. Yes I am sure you will fall in love with your breads once you start baking them. The aroma that fills your kitchen, the eagerness to check on the final product, the waiting, the testing, the tasting...... every bit of making your own bread is fun. You will love the experience and feel good about what you have learnt

Well coming to the recipe ... this is a generalised version of pizza dough. This can altered as per the ingredients quantity specified in the required recipe


Eggless Pav bun... soft and feathery ....

Pav Bhaji is a great hit in almost everyones house and in our home they are no less. We love pav bhaji to the core and the kids are a very big fan too. After making breads at home I thought I should try making pav at home too since the method is almost the same. I gave it a try once and it was an instant success. From that time on we have never had store-bought pav buns

My kids are also very concerned about buying breads from outside, they are so used to homemade now that they insist in making some pav rather than indulging in store-bought ones. If kids are so particular then how can I not make it. Now we make these regularly and the whole family enjoys it to the core

The recipe is almost the same as bread except with a few variations here and there. I make pav two ways - which purely depends on my mood. I sometimes follow tangzhong method and sometimes regular. Both ways am happy with the results but sometimes I feel pavs made using tangzhong method are softer 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich.... kids love it

The simplest snack that a kid gets to enjoy is this grilled cheese sandwich. Oh... how much they lover them. It is so simple to make that I dont mind making it for them once in a while. Its ok to have a little junk food once in a while and this one is worth it ;)

My kids love this so much that they can keep eating it anytime its served. They were introduced to this sandwich a few years back when we used to go to visit my parents in mangalore. We used to go to this ice-cream store called Pabbas and cant resist myself mentioning how good the ice-cream used to be. For the sides we used to buy these cheese sandwiches for the kids. They would order it every time we visited that place

Just couple of bread slices and a slice of cheese and a pinch of pepper is all that is needed to make these sandwiches and make the kids of the house really really happy

Nov 30, 2016

Ghee and nuts cookies

Ghee and nuts are both my favourites and I love them the most in my cookies. These simply delicious ghee and nuts cookies are gonna win your heart from the very moment your taste palate gets to enjoy these super yummy and nutty goodies. Simple to taste with no fancy things added is what has made this a preferred cookie in our house. Love the aroma that fills the kitchen when I bake these. Mmmmm... I can smell it even now when I am just thinking of it :) I dont remember where I picked this recipe from ... could be the internet or some tv show. Just had it jotted down in a piece of paper tucked in my diary. I have halved the recipe always to make just 10 cookies... enough for tea-time for our family

Its all about the aroma of ghee, the nuttiness of dry fruits that makes these cookies special. I dont compromise on the ghee as I feel that is the best part of it. If you are not a big fan of ghee or if you are not a fan at all then this might not be the right cookie for you. But still you can replace the ghee with butter and make the cookies. The cookies will sure turn out delish but they wont be ghee cookies anymore ;)

Just put all the ingredients into a bowl. Mix it till just incorporated and no more. Refrigerate for a little time then roll them out and bake. Thats it and your cookies should be ready to eat in not time 

Nov 4, 2016

Kaju katli... rich and delicious

Kaju Katli is a rich sweet made with cashews/kaju as the main ingredient. It is a very common sweet found in almost all sweet shops. My younger kid is a big ....I should say BBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG fan of kaju katli. He just can never have one. If I let him have as per his wish he can empty a whole box of this sweet in not time. Everybody in the family knows about his love for this sweet. So whenever grandparents visit him, they make sure they get it for him... though I make sure they buy minimal

I had to learn making this sweet for his sake. It was undoubtedly simple to make and the best part is that it takes very little time. They taste absolutely divine. There are a couple of ways I make it. Sharing one method now.... will post the next one later. Try this delectable dessert and enjoy it with your loved ones


Nov 3, 2016

Kaara Boondi.... a quick snack to munch on

I intended to post some sweets and  savoury recipes during diwali but well just got tied up with lots of work. So I thought I should post it atleast now to keep it for later use. This one is a simple and delicious savoury snack that is an addiction the moment you try it. It requires minimal ingredients to make this yummy snack. Its a favourite for kids and adults alike and so a double hit. In my house kaara boondi and boondi raita are loved by all. My elder kid is a big fan of this snack so its often made. I too never mind making it whenever he asks for as it takes very little time from start to end

Crunchy, spicy and yummy to munch on makes it a great snack. It can be had as is or can be used to make raita. Both ways they taste awesome

Oct 26, 2016

Seven cup barfi.... 7 cup barfi

Seven cup burfi is a super easy and super yummy burfi that everyone in the family will love. We used to live in a township when wee were kids. Diwali was so much fun. Getting up early in the morning, getting ready at the earliest, bursting little crackers, going to friends houses, eating lots and lots of sweets and savouries, enjoying playing around and then again back home to celebrate with lights and crackers . I used to love each and every moment of diwali. The varieties of sweets and savouries presented at everyones place used to wow me. Everyone was so good at that. I dont know how they all managed to learn so much. Great job

Now this burfi is one among my favourites that I used to relish during the festive season. My mom never used to make it but one of my aunt's used to. She was so good at it. Every time she would make it I was sure to get my share. Remembering those good old days :) 

The taste is so perfect with that special hint of coconut flavour that the thought of it makes me drool :) Simple recipe but just a little patience is what is needed to get the perfect texture


Oct 22, 2016

Mysore pak....the perfect sweet for a festive feel that just melts in the mouth

Diwali is around the corner and everybody is on the lookout for recipes to try. This sweet is perfect for the occasion.  Filled with sweetness and loaded with ghee it just melts in your mouth the moment to take a bite. Did I say loads of ghee ... well yes ... lots of it :) But its diwali yaar and its perfectly ok to dive in and enjoy the richness of the dessert even if its loaded with ghee.

Mysore pak is a favourite in our home. We love to eat it but the amount of ghee that it takes makes me guilty to have it often except for the festive season :) My mil is an expert in making and we ask her to make it for us once in a while. She is so perfect at that .... I really appreciate the patience she has. My kids always make sure to appreciate their grandma everytime for making it for them. Our appreciation doesnt count much but grandsons appreciation makes her feel sooooo happy..... you know thats how grandparents are

Well... coming back to the recipe... this dessert will be perfect for diwali. It will sure win everyones heart. The recipe is pretty simple except that you have to be cautious about measurements and also be quick in action. Rest is all about a little practise


Oct 18, 2016

Momos chutney

A spicy red chutney that compliments steamed soft momos in the perfect way. Momos might not taste heavenly unless it is served with this spicy and flavorful red sauce. I love this sauce as to how easy it is to make ad how perfectly it pairs up with the momos. Just a handful of ingredients and the sauce should be ready in no time



Veg Momos..... my favourite

Momos are my favourite and given a chance I would love to eat it every time I can catch a glance of it. Soft, steamed, piping hot momos served with spicy red sauce is a wonderful snack to attack. My family is not a big fan of momos but still I dont give up making it for myself. I can make myself a big batch every time and enjoy it more than once

Vegetables cooked and spiced a little, then stuffed to make cute dumplings followed by a quick steaming session is what it takes to make this perfect snack. I follow this simple recipe here and enjoy every time I feel like


Oct 9, 2016

Taco Mexicana ...Our style ;)

My kids loved the taco mexicana the first they had it when it was introduced in Dominos a while ago. They liked it a lot and would always ask me make them some time. I never fell for it so never gave it a try. One day niks said that the recipe was so easy that I should make it for him the next time we make parottas. I was not very particular in making the same recipe but then thought that something like that with our twist would be fun. These days I somehow feel that they just go by name more than the exact dish. Name it fancy with a decent presentation and they love to finish off the snack in no time. Will share the "taco potatana"as my kids named it... which they love taking to school and sharing it with friends

So as per my kids wish this fancy-named recipe was in my to-do list for quite a while.  One day when I was packing vegetable cutlet for my kids snack box, I decided to use the same cutlet mixture to make some taco mexicana "our style". So I saved some cutlet mixture for our special evening snack. The cutlets that I send to school on a regular basis are loaded with veggies... say raw banana, potato, carrot, beans, green peas, spinach(any keerai from our garden), chana/ rajma/ dry beans, flax seeds, sesame seeds and then whatever healthy I can think of :) It just has everything I need to give them

To make this taco snack I just needed a couple of parottas eash, some mayo, some ketchup and ofcourse the main - healthy cutlets. Assemble everything together and present it nicely in the way the kids love it

Vazhathandu pachadi or raita...

I never had vazhathandu pachadi till very recently at my friends place. I somehow have been refraining to try vazhanthandu recipes .... never tried any. It has a bundle of health benefits which will sure convince you to add it to your menu every once in a while. It is very easy to make and also so simple and tasty to add up to your regular meals. I have specially fallen in love with this raita/pachadi. Quick to make and healthy to the core is the speciality that I am talking about here

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