Sep 3, 2013

Spaghetti in Almond sauce ... a healthy alternative to the regular white sauce

My kids hate to eat nuts especially almonds. These nuts are so good for health but I think my kids are too young to understand the benefits of it when I try to explain it to them. I try to use almonds in dishes that are well entertained at home. In goes a spoon in chapathi dough, cupcakes, dosa and what not. Now I found this way too 

My kids love pasta and this was a wonderful opportunity to add a little or I should more almonds to their diet through this recipe. They were a little skeptical about the colour as it was different ... not red and not white either.... which is usually what we eat. They tasted it and loved it. I am also happy that I can give them the benefits of almonds through their favourite dish

Sep 1, 2013

Idiyappam.... Rice string hoppers

Idiyappam is a simple dish which is not so heavy to the tummy and so very apt for breakfast. If you have idiyappam rice flour ready at hand then it takes no time to pull this together. My kids love it so we tend to make it for school as well for a simple weekend breakfast

They are soft steam cooked rice noodles which melt in the mouth. You can have it with some sugar or give it a little tadka and enjoy as idiyappam upma. We love it both ways so we end up serving both style

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