Aug 7, 2014

Peas paratha... Matar Paratha

I have decided that when green peas is in season then these parathas are sure to be had. Parathas are always welcome at our dinner table and this special peas paratha is sure a lovely addition to the parathas menu. I have  never made it  before so it sounded new to me the first time. One day when I was talking to my kids friends mom she said that she would be making matar ke parathe for dinner. Quite amused I asked her how did she make it as I had never tried it before. She said that I would be missing a great dinner if I did not make it when peas are in season and laughed out aloud. Its a must in her home when theres fresh green peas all piled up in the market and thelas

Made it last week for dinner and everyone in the family enjoyed it including my 3-yr old kiddo. It tasted awesome... the taste, the softness, the spiciness .... hmmm just tooo good. The recipe is very simple and its worth jotting it down here


Jul 9, 2014

Curdled milk instant sweet ... kinda palkhova but not exactly :)

What do you do when milk gets spoilt or there little leftover milk. Well I make this instant sweet to treat myself. Take the crumbled paneer and add sugar to it. Saute for a couple of minutes and you are done. To it with nuts and enjoy

Jul 3, 2014

Paneer and Pepper Cheesy Sandwich

Do your kids eat pepper or capsicum and that too all the colours. I guess no... mine atleast dont :) The only way to make them eat all these peppers is to make this sandwich. Its creamy and cheesy with the bite of capsicum inside which makes it even more tasty. My kids hate peppers but then when it comes to this sandwich there is no saying no. My four year old also likes this

Making it is very simple. Just make the regular white sauce and add in peppers and paneer with just a couple of spices and there you go, the filling is ready

Jun 14, 2014

Carrot Halwa.... Gajar ka halwa

Carrot Halwa....... our favourite. I loved it so much that I started making it as soon I got a kitchen all by myself to handle. I could make it whenever I wanted and enjoy as much as I wanted. Soon I realised that my hubby was also in love with this dessert. Hmmmm...we make big batches and then leave it in the fridge . Whenever we want to enjoy, we would microwave one serving to make it warm

This recipe takes time as I dont use mawa to make it instead I let milk simmer for a long while to reduce to 1/4 of the quantity. The carrots are cooked all the way in milk to ensure the best flavours 

There is another quicker version of making gajar halwa. Will try sharing it soon

Jun 2, 2014

Grated Cucumber Raita

Grated cucumber raita is my younger ones  favourite. Its my favourite too. I love the freshness of the cucumber along with tadka it gets. Whenever we make this at home, me and younger one have to our fill but still we would fight for the last spoon of raita in the bowl. He usually ends up having more raita than rice lunch

Apr 10, 2014

How to proof yeast....

Proofing yeast is a very important part if you want to bake your own bread and buns. Its the first basic step that you need to do when baking breads. There is no big deal doing it but sometimes beginners need a little help to get it just right

I have tried to share a few little tips that might be handy to some fellow mates who might have trouble getting the job done right

Apr 8, 2014

Garlic Breadsticks

Garlic Bread ..... I love it, my hubby loves it and my kids loveeeeeeeeeeee it ... so u very well understand what I would / should  do. I should learn to make it myself to enjoy it oven-fresh at my home for that extra special evening snack. And yes I tried it. I was very skeptical about garlic-bread because I have not been much into bread-baking except for pizza base. But then I came to know that its just the same process as pizza except for a few extra ingredients or seasonings to go in. Wanted to give it a try but just kept it on hold for a while. But once we tried making it at home my kids have gone crazy about it. They just love the home-made version so much

I will have a few more baking posts coming up soon ... dont wonder that I am on a baking spree now. These are a few that I have tried over the past couple of years and have had it successful.... so I should say "tried and very well tested". You know my lazy days... yes they crept in a while ago and have been staying with me for quite a while now. I just have loads and loads of pictures in my laptop crying to find their way to this blog. But my lazy me has not found enough time to post them. So now again trying to get a little busy with blogging (if I continue :) to be a little active)

This recipe has been in my recipe books from the day we tried it for the first time and I am sure they are gonna stay with us for quite long. Its a simple recipe that calls for just a few ingredients and a little patience to keep when the dough sits for rising. I dont even have that patience and keep peeking every 15 mins :)

I let the kids help me make their bread as they love to help and be a part in making something that they love. They are my busy bumble-bees who want to help me with everything and I let them in most of the times. Below are pictures mixed up from 2 batches that we made and loved 

Apr 1, 2014

Mixed vegetable raita

Mixed vegetable  raita is the simplest raits that goes really well with all kinds of biryanis and pulao. Anything spicy to eat with a side of raita tastes great. We have this almost every Sunday along with non-veg curries for rice

Mar 18, 2014

Paneer Cashew Curry ... a perfect side for that special bread basket...

Paneer and cashews compliment each other very well and this recipe brings out the prefect taste pairing them beautifully well. The softness of paneer and the bite in the cashews mixed with a silky soft gravy bring out flavors that will satiate your taste buds. I am sure this will not disappoint anybody for choosing it

I had this curry last week at a local restaurant and honestly speaking, was very satisfied with the days meal. It was perfect as I would want to put it. The right texture, right spice, right consistency and right color made it present itself in a very pleasant manner. All four us enjoyed every bite of food

We ordered Kaju-paneer curry with masala kulcha and felt that was an awesome combi. I couldn't get the taste off my mind so tried making it today. It was just a wild guess of ingredients and process and it turned out perfect. Yes I did a copycat version and it turned out perfect. We all loved the homemade version and hope to make more soon

Aloo Paratha...

Who doesnt like parathas??? Most of us do and I sure love it.My family loves parathas all the time and aloo paratha is special. My elder kid is a big potato fan and he can eat it for all three meals everyday. I know thats not very good. But no worries as I give him in moderation so that he can enjoy it the right way. One such good way are these parathas

Stuffed parathas are more filling than regular chapathis. Good thing is I get to put in some ingredients which usually my kids dont entertain in a regular fresh way - say onions, green chilly, mint leaves, curry leaves and coriander leaves. I give it a quick pulse before adding it to the filling and it is loved in that form

Parathas can be made in 2-3 types. First you can roll out dough then put stuffing in the middle, cover and roll out again. Second we can make 2 chapathis, spread filling in one chapathi then top another and seal. Third we can put all the ingredients in the dough and finally roll it into chapathis. For aloo parathas we use the first method. Cook evenly on both sides and its done. Serve it with a side of pickle and fresh curd for best taste

Mar 5, 2014

Podi Idli... a good way to snack on leftover idlis

Leftover idlis after a hearty morning breakfast or evening dinner???? Hot hot idlis with sambar is absolutely great but leftovers are a pain for me. I just cant have it even after reheating it to taste like-fresh. No worries. You dont have to eat the same old idli with a sad face. There are quite a few ways to help you serve yourself a treat or warm snack which will make you feel that you should have more leftover idlis from next time. Many of you should be already doing this so nothing new here

A good way to use those leftovers is to make this spicy and fresh podi idli. A couple of minutes at hand and just a few things to toss in should help you serve a bowl of delicious snack. Its a kids favorite too. Now thats an added advantage... isnt it? 

Feb 24, 2014

Angoor Rabdi ... my DAD's favorite :)

My dads new favorite is angoor rabdi. He is diabetic but still finds an excuse to eat a little of it whenever he gets a chance. Posting this "For my dad with love" - I love you pa. We all love this in our home. Small and cute (as I should put it) they are delish. No one can ever stay away from it when served

Angoor rabdi is actually a kind of miniature version of rasmalai. Small paneer balls soaked in thickened milk make it rich and creamy. When chilled, they soak up all flavors and taste heavenly

Some people stay away from making these recipes - rasgulla, rasmalai, angoor rabdi and similar. It is just a matter of learning the trick. Just try a little and you are sure to enjoy the best flavors in your own home. Once you get a hang of how to do it, you will want to just keep trying whenever you get a chance. Yes it is true, whenver I have half of litre of milk leftover and am sure its not play around in the kitchen that day, then it is one of these homemade paneer recipes that hit the table that day. Learn it simple and enjoy it. I know I can never get enough of it

Feb 22, 2014

Gobhi fry... with the perfect crisp

I love cauliflower and specially the fried and spiced ones. Manchurian, gobhi-65, pakode... you name it, I like it. I guess many of us have a similar liking on this front. A beautiful flower that wins every heart that tries it. Yeah it is. Its a perfect vegetable that suits every palette style. From kids to adults to elders everybody is always so fascinated by its taste and goodness

I learnt this beautiful recipe from my mil. The first time she made it for me, I just fell in love with it. I told you ... she is a perfect cook. Anything she cooks tastes great. I was new to the kitchen world when I got married, no wonder most of us are. I used to watch her cook, least trying to help with cooking. Rather I would help her with cleaning and washing and cutting vegetables and pretty much anything she would want me to do.  I started learning to cook from her kitchen. That is when I learnt this too. So its like ages now but still I love it every time we make it. Also my mil tries to make it every time for us when we visit their house and if the day permits us for a vegetarian meal :)

Try this recipe and I am sure you wont be disappointed. You and your family are gonna love it. Simple and satiating it is

Feb 7, 2014

Khoya kofta curry...

Kofta curry always stands special for an elegant meal. Take it to the top by making koftas using khoya and the taste is heavenly. Soft and sweet koftas in rich creamy gravy makes a perfect side dish for roti, poori, naan, kulcha or whatever flatbread you love

I fell in love when I first had it at a restaurant, somewhere near my mil's house. I am not sure which restaurant though. Loved the taste that it kept lingering around me quite some time till I got a chance to figure out the exact taste and try it at home. It turned out very well and from then on the recipe has rested in my kitchen counters. Did not get a chance to make it lately as I dont get khoya very frequently. But whenever I buy some to make gulab jamuns, I sure make this recipe during the week to enjoy this favorite side dish 

Try not to complicate the gravy too much. Keep it simple and let the flavors keep coming. Enjoy the taste and have a great dinner

Feb 6, 2014

Lotus seeds crispy fry

Lotus seeds fry have been my love for like ages now. Now when I make them for my kids I feel very happy to see them enjoy. But there is a small problem nowadays - I never get my share. I always make a decent size batch for the three of us and share it equally in separate bowls. But at the end I get to eat only a few of these crispies. They are all gone from my bowl before I even start enjoying ;) Hmmm.... my childhood favorite is not in full reach for me even when I serve some for myself every time 

This serves as a very healthy evening snack for kids. Its like popcorn when it comes to the gentle crunch and munch and tastes great. I have heard that it has great nutritional values but never bothered to check it. I think I should try googling it to find more but not now. If you would want to know I know there might be millions of links to help you find an answer. The nutritional values of these seeds are an added benefit when you want to serve this crispy, healthy snack to your kids

A few minutes and just a couple of things to go along with the recipe should get your kids a happy smile on their beautiful faces. I always find my kids hopping around like kangaroos or jumping around like monkeys when I give them a sneak peek into the kitchen for this snack. Try and enjoy

Jan 31, 2014

Rice Murukku ....

Murukku is a famous traditional south-Indian snack which is called by many names - murukku, murukkulu, chakli and so on. They are a must snack on our Diwali menu. It is a very simple snack to make with just a few ingredients - rice, urad dal, chutney dal and seasoning. It is an all-time favorite in all homes and has been well entertained always

They are usually made in big batches and stored in big containers. They stay fresh for couple of weeks if stored properly

I have seen my mom, mil and grandma making this for us all the time. The aroma of this savory snack will fill the house and invite everybody to the kitchen to take quick enjoyable bites. Elders to kids and everyone one will sure enjoy

I dont have a step-by-step pictures here as I always forget to take pics when I make them. So this time I decided to post with the finished product and update with step-wise pics later... if I dont forget again ;)

Ragi vermicelli .. a healthy choice for breakfast

Ragi vermicelli is made from ragi flour which has a very high nutritional value. It is very important to include ragi in our regular diet. I like to help my family getting the benefits of this millet by making simple and nutritious brakfast. We make this vermicelli upma or puttu, which the most regular way to consume ragi in our family, say once a week. Other than that I add handfuls of ragi flour in chapathi dough or dosa batter to get the goodness coming without it being explicitly noticed by little fussy eaters

I have no complains eating this vermicelli in my family except that some prefer the sweet puttu kind version and some like the upma kind version. So everytime its served it is made in both the ways

There is nothing special about this recipe but I have had friends asking me about what is this when we had a conversation last time. It is a simple post for them to let them know the ease of adding healthy bits to our lifestyle without sweating out much

Jan 28, 2014

Green Peas and Spinach Soup

With nice cozy evenings outside, its time to enjoy warm soups. Children are getting very bored with regular milk evenings these days. They want to skip milk but promise they will have something healthy instead. Most of the time I think of the simplest option of soup. They love soup with croutons served alongside. Taking advantage of their liking and to give them a little choice in skipping their boring milk, I let them enjoy warm soups

Green peas is in season now so we are enjoying a lot of peas in all curries, parathas, soups, rice and every way possible. My kids love green peas and their sweet taste. They love them in all the recipes. Last week we had a very large packet on green peas at home... I saw them at the market and picked some, the same evening my hubby picked some when he saw them arrive fresh at the store and guess what my father-in-law also bought a big batch of green peas that day on his way back from work. So we all ended up working on peeling the whole batch and at the end got a big box full of fresh green peas

I love this soup as it has a nice texture and sweetness to it. Kids love it too. My younger kid is a big fan of soups and when he has green peas soup one day, he will sure ask me for some more over the next couple of days. This has become a regular habit of his but never mind I never feel like saying no as I enjoy watching my kids drink it. They just love it  so much that they can even skip their favorite cartoon show for this wonderful soup. Last week I had to make this soup 3 times as they got to see the big batch of peas hanging around the fridge right in front of their eyes. So every time they see it they will sure ask "When are we making green soup". We enjoy this soup and hope you enjoy it too

Jan 25, 2014

Spicy sweet Khoya balls...

"Spicy sweet Khoya balls" .. I named it this way cos they tasted this way. This recipe tasted a little sweet cos of the khoya and little spicy because of the spices added in to get the flavors combined. We had a lot of khoya left after making gulab jamuns. I had no idea of making gulab jamuns again within the next month so thought of using it for some other recipe. I was thinking of making some dessert but apparently at the same time my kid insisted me on making some cutlets. When juggling thoughts in my mind as to what to make for snack that evening, I thought of trying something with khoya but a cutlet-kind version that would my baby happy

When thinking of using the leftover khoya in a new kind of recipe, I tried this recipe and guess what... my kids loved it. They just popped them all in no time. Worst was they asked for more but I just had made a little, skeptical as I was trying it for the first time. Never mind we made the same recipe again the very next day too and enjoyed it a lot

This recipe made me really happy and is for sure a keepsake. We loved the soft bites with different flavors blended really well. I would say a perfect treat and especially a special treat for kids

Jan 22, 2014

Whole wheat healthy muffins...

Savory muffins serve as a perfect breakfast when you just wanna grab something on-the-go. Made with whole wheat flour this turns healthy and filling for clean eating habits. Its not that I dont make this all the time but sure a 'once in a while visitor, say once in a month' for a change from boring old breakfast styles. Serve couple of muffins with a glass of warm milk or chilled juice for a good alternative to the regular b'fast menu

I started making this a few years ago from the after-effects of a good-ole tv show. I guess I was in some kind of a baking spree those days when I used to try to bake anything and everything trying to make what not. Thinking about it now makes me giggle about how silly I was. But I should say I wasnt very silly either as there were quite a few recipes that really turned out well and have carried themselves through these years in our kitchen to be served now and then. There were also a few lot many disasters that gave me a lot of experience and quick tips to help me get better

This muffin was one among a few picked recipes that turned out good and is enjoyed in our family even now. Simple to put together and healthy to eat gives it a warm welcome for an enjoyable breakfast

Jan 19, 2014

Kara Sev ....

Kara Sev is a very common south Indian snack. It is a make-ahead snack that stays up fresh as "just-made" for quite a few days. The only thing that it might demand from you to stay fresh is an air-tight container, which obviously you should not say no to. This is usually had as a festival snack followed on the other days as a simple tea-time snack. A little spicy and crunchy it serves perfect as munch-ons

There were days when I used to eat them all day and end up saying "oops... my tummy hurts" and my mamma would say "a snack should be had as a snack and not a meal". Now you know how much I loved it. Mamma used to make it in big batches and store in big stainless steel dabbas. We could serve ourselves whenever wanted

These snacks are made in different ways in different parts of  tamilnadu. Some make it with besan / gram flour, some use rice flour, some use both. For the spice kick some use pepper powder, some use red chilli powder, some use whole pepper corns. It all finally ends up with what one wants. We prefer making this 2 ways - one with rice flour and red chilli powder and the other one with rice-flour and peppercorns

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