Sep 27, 2016

Pad Thai noodles...

Pad thai noodles are my favourite. Love the simplicity and flavours it accompanies. When we were in Phili, I used to go this particular small thai restaurant in the mall near my office where they used to serve really yummy pad thai noodles. Flat rice noodles spiced up with some sauces and veggies and served with crushed peanuts on top is sure to taste great

I havent followed any exact recipe here. Just checked out  few recipes here and there on the internet and came up with my own version :) Though I did not have some ingredients, still went ahead and made this. It really tasted yummy and our whole family enjoyed it. The kids, whom I did not expect to try, dived in and gave me only a little to taste and well hubby too got only a little. Well I had to make the same recipe once again that night and a lot more  :)


Sep 26, 2016

Egg Kothu Parotta .... a great way to use leftover parottas

What do you with leftover parottas... well dont discard it... instead try making this yumy and spicy kothu parotta that is loaded with flavours. It makes for a great dinner or evening snack which will sure make your loved ones very very happy. My hubby and younger kid have always been a big fan of kothu parotta but not the elder kid until I started making it at home. He loves only the mummy-made version

Use up leftover parottas with some onion, tomatoes, chicken gravy (if available) and few spice powders and make this awesome dish. It gets ready in a matter of minutes which is the best part of making a delicious meal. Lets take a quick look at the recipe


Sep 24, 2016

Parotta... street-food style... Roatu kada parotta :)

Who likes road side shop parotta?? Sorry sorry I think I should ask the other way.... who doesnt like parottaaaaa????? cos counting would be easier this way. I think everybody loves parotta and especially the flaky malabar style parotta. Well we are no different and so we too fall in the same parotta-lovers list. Hot parottas with spicy curry is so very awesome. Definitely it is good to taste but is it really hygenic... the oil used, the place its made and so on. Thinking all this we have almost stopped eating our favourite sreet food

Kids are so fond of eating parottas that they started missing it badly. We had to think about making it which I didnt for a while thinking it was gonna be tough and time consuming. But then for kids sake I had to give it a try and yes I did. Well... I should say we did it.. it turned out great and enjoyed every bite of it. It was soft, flaky and nicely layered making it perfect for our meal. The first time I made I felt it was time-consuming (time was spent more on taking pictures). But now its as easy as I would make other regular flatbreads

Try this recipe and enjoy with your family  

Mushroom in creamy garlic sauce...

Mushroom in creamy garlic sauce is my kids favourite and they can eat it anytime... be it lunch, breakfast or dinner.  Served with chapathis these taste great. The garlic sauce smells so good that you will not say no to it. If you are looking for some non-spicy and creamy side-dish for chapathi, then this carve its way to the dinner tables in no time

A basic white sauce recipe loaded with lots and lots of garlic to bring out the mushrooms goodness is what this recipe is all about. Try this and serve your kids to make their meal extra special. You will definitely see them helping themselves with extra servings of sidedish without you having to insist them :)

Sep 22, 2016

Oats bread.... a little healthier than the basic white bread

Oats bread is so very soft that you would really love to serve yourself a couple of extra slices than you would normally do. I just wanted to play around with the basic white bread recipe so added a little oats this time and it turned our so very soft that I am hooked onto it. Love the way the bread rises and the softness in the slices

I have an addiction towards baking breads these days and yes it really is so wonderful. It makes me so happy after my rest my dough to come later to see a well-risen beautiful loaf. The crust, the slice, the taste everything seems better. The best part is the aroma that fills my kitchen every time I bake a bread. Once you try you will be awe as to how much you get into the addiction

Hands on time when making a bread loaf is not much except the times when you have take pictures at every step ;) It just takes about a good 15 minutes the first time to make the dough then it is all a matter of waiting with patience ... which I dont have as I peek into it every now and then to see if its rising perfect :)

Sep 21, 2016

Paneer tikka frankie

Frankies are always welcome in my home. Everybody loves it..... I mean yes... its not just the kids alone but me and my hubby too. We add up a little more spice and thinly sliced raw onions to enhance the flavours. A wrap is always a wrap... a little more special than chapathi and sabji served with the same ingredients :) .... atleast that is what is the funds at ours. I love to pack this for my kids lunch boxes coz that is something they always love to eat

This frankie is a simple version made especially for the kids. You can put it together in no time so that you get some time in the morning hurry-burry. I can assure you this will be a very handy recipe under the list "kids lunch-box recipes"

Sep 20, 2016

Mushroom Pepper fry

Mushrooms stir-fried with onion and capsicum with just a hint of salt and lot of pepper is all that you need to make this super-simple and quick side dish for chapathis or phulkas. We love the simplicity of this dish and the flavours that we get o enjoy. It takes just about 15 minutes to get this ready so it is a plus to have this recipe handy when you want to make dinner in a jiffy

My kids like it cause it doesnt have tomatoes. Oh yes they would start picking tomato chunks from the curries and sabjis that are served. They are o if the tomatoes are well mashed in the gravies else the drama starts. So this recipe is good for them and for me too :) 


Sep 19, 2016

Homemade noodles and fettuccine pasta

Homemade noodles.... yes you read it right. We made homemade noodles last week and it was a huge hit. Loved the way it turned out. So simple and quick to make that I wonder why we never thought of making it earlier. I have always stayed away from store-bought noodles .... be it instant noodles or the regular kind. I have heard so much about the preservatives in them that it keeps me away from it always. My kids like to eat it when served at a friends or relatives house but they know that mummy will never buy and make any :) They dont even bother me asking to buy it for them ... see they are used to my answer :)

Last week my elder kiddo said he felt like having noodles as he saw his friend carrying it as a snack to school that day. I tried to tell him that its not very good and he understood it very beautifully. I love him so much when he says... "I know you will give me the best... its ok I dont want to eat noodles".... I knew from his eyes that he really wanted to have some though he gave an answer just to keep me happy. A while later he was back with a question "what is noodles made of mamma".... I told him its made of maida. Instant was his next question " Then why dont you make it yourself... say without the preservatives". Now I had to give it a thought and yes that night I sat wondering if I should give it a try. Checked out the internet and found it interesting to know that it was quite easy to make it except for the cutting part. I dont have a pasta cutter or noodles maker but then I thought I will try with whatever I could think of :)

The next day I tried out a couple of times with options to cut the dough to get the shape and ended up with some noodles and fettucine pasta which tasted perfect and also made a surprise snack for my kids. It really tasted very very good with no complaints even from my hubby. My hubby who is not at all a noodles lover fell in love with this homemade version. We made some spicy noodles for all and fettucine alfredo especially for the kids. This recipe is definitely a keeper

Now everything was ok except for the maida part till we ate it 3 times in the same week. I had to think of the whole wheat version and yes we did try it the next week. You wont believe how awesome it turned out. I was worried about the nutty flavour of wheat but to my surprise we didnt feel it at all when we made the noodles :) Will post the recipe for Wheat noodles soon 

Sep 13, 2016

Creamy corn and spinach mini samosas.... kids will love the creamy filling

Samosas are everybodys favourite and this creamy spinach(keerai) and sweet corn will hit the top among the list when kids are involved. Last time when I planned to make samosas the kids did not want the regular potato or paneer samosas that is usually served. We had some freshly harvested mozha keerai and some sweet corn. Niks gave me the idea to make some corn and spinach samosas. The kids wanted it to be special so they wanted it mini size like them :) 

For this recipe I just pulled up the usual white sauce kind base and added corn and blanched spinach. Added a few spices and voila the stuffing was ready. Made small sized samosas with creamy filling and fried them golden. Thats it and we had fun enjoying our evening snack

Sep 12, 2016

Khandvi ... a Gujarati special

Khandvi is a yummy lip-smacking yet simple snack that belongs to the Gujarati cuisine. A mixture of gram flour and curd mildly spiced with few ingredients. I wasnt aware of this dish till I ended up buying up a small pack at a grocery store in Phili. I should admit it looked cute which was initially the prime reason for me picking it up. Loved the cute look of those rolls. Hurried back to the car and the first thing I did was to open up the pack and taste it. Me and hubby both fell in love with it from the very first bite we took

I was not too much into cooking those days... in fact I was learning the very basics of cooking giving a call to mom or mil whenever I had to try something new :)  When I started venturing more cooking I discovered there were things that I wanted to try and yes this was also in my wish list. I had to give it a try and yes I did

Well the recipe is quite simple but you just have to be quick when working with the batter .... both when cooking the batter and also when spreading it. Once you get the knack of it you can make it in no time. In fact I make small batches so it doesnt take much time

Sep 8, 2016

Onion Chicken... very very quick and easy to make

Chicken fry, chicken sides, chicken gravy anything is welcome on my elder kiddos lunch menu. He loves chicken that he makes sure his grandma makes it in his favourite way every time he visits her. Oh yes... ny mumma will sure make his favourite gravy whenever he is at their place. "Paama (thats how he calls my mom)... kaarama... unga style chicken gravy pannunga please"... this is what he always has to ask for lunch. Now thats a long story out there. Coming back to the recipe of this chicken fry whih is one of his favourites too.... let me tell you it is damn simple

Onion chicken as the name suggests is nothing but chicken cooked with a lot of onions in a low flame. Very very minimal spices yet it tastes great. Scroll down for a simple recipe for a quick side 

Sep 7, 2016

Coleslaw.... my favourite

Coleslaw is my favourite and my hubby's favourite too. Crisp veggies tossed in mayo and then topped with walnuts and raisins is just perfect on its own. Just toss all the ingredients into a bowl and give it a good stir..... thats it... its ready to eat. Enjoy your bowl of coleslaw :)

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