Feb 24, 2014

Angoor Rabdi ... my DAD's favorite :)

My dads new favorite is angoor rabdi. He is diabetic but still finds an excuse to eat a little of it whenever he gets a chance. Posting this "For my dad with love" - I love you pa. We all love this in our home. Small and cute (as I should put it) they are delish. No one can ever stay away from it when served

Angoor rabdi is actually a kind of miniature version of rasmalai. Small paneer balls soaked in thickened milk make it rich and creamy. When chilled, they soak up all flavors and taste heavenly

Some people stay away from making these recipes - rasgulla, rasmalai, angoor rabdi and similar. It is just a matter of learning the trick. Just try a little and you are sure to enjoy the best flavors in your own home. Once you get a hang of how to do it, you will want to just keep trying whenever you get a chance. Yes it is true, whenver I have half of litre of milk leftover and am sure its not play around in the kitchen that day, then it is one of these homemade paneer recipes that hit the table that day. Learn it simple and enjoy it. I know I can never get enough of it

Feb 22, 2014

Gobhi fry... with the perfect crisp

I love cauliflower and specially the fried and spiced ones. Manchurian, gobhi-65, pakode... you name it, I like it. I guess many of us have a similar liking on this front. A beautiful flower that wins every heart that tries it. Yeah it is. Its a perfect vegetable that suits every palette style. From kids to adults to elders everybody is always so fascinated by its taste and goodness

I learnt this beautiful recipe from my mil. The first time she made it for me, I just fell in love with it. I told you ... she is a perfect cook. Anything she cooks tastes great. I was new to the kitchen world when I got married, no wonder most of us are. I used to watch her cook, least trying to help with cooking. Rather I would help her with cleaning and washing and cutting vegetables and pretty much anything she would want me to do.  I started learning to cook from her kitchen. That is when I learnt this too. So its like ages now but still I love it every time we make it. Also my mil tries to make it every time for us when we visit their house and if the day permits us for a vegetarian meal :)

Try this recipe and I am sure you wont be disappointed. You and your family are gonna love it. Simple and satiating it is

Feb 7, 2014

Khoya kofta curry...

Kofta curry always stands special for an elegant meal. Take it to the top by making koftas using khoya and the taste is heavenly. Soft and sweet koftas in rich creamy gravy makes a perfect side dish for roti, poori, naan, kulcha or whatever flatbread you love

I fell in love when I first had it at a restaurant, somewhere near my mil's house. I am not sure which restaurant though. Loved the taste that it kept lingering around me quite some time till I got a chance to figure out the exact taste and try it at home. It turned out very well and from then on the recipe has rested in my kitchen counters. Did not get a chance to make it lately as I dont get khoya very frequently. But whenever I buy some to make gulab jamuns, I sure make this recipe during the week to enjoy this favorite side dish 

Try not to complicate the gravy too much. Keep it simple and let the flavors keep coming. Enjoy the taste and have a great dinner

Feb 6, 2014

Lotus seeds crispy fry

Lotus seeds fry have been my love for like ages now. Now when I make them for my kids I feel very happy to see them enjoy. But there is a small problem nowadays - I never get my share. I always make a decent size batch for the three of us and share it equally in separate bowls. But at the end I get to eat only a few of these crispies. They are all gone from my bowl before I even start enjoying ;) Hmmm.... my childhood favorite is not in full reach for me even when I serve some for myself every time 

This serves as a very healthy evening snack for kids. Its like popcorn when it comes to the gentle crunch and munch and tastes great. I have heard that it has great nutritional values but never bothered to check it. I think I should try googling it to find more but not now. If you would want to know I know there might be millions of links to help you find an answer. The nutritional values of these seeds are an added benefit when you want to serve this crispy, healthy snack to your kids

A few minutes and just a couple of things to go along with the recipe should get your kids a happy smile on their beautiful faces. I always find my kids hopping around like kangaroos or jumping around like monkeys when I give them a sneak peek into the kitchen for this snack. Try and enjoy

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