Apr 16, 2010

Manga pachadi or Sweet mango chutney

I love sweet mango chutney or manga pachadi as we call it. In my childhood days we used to fight over it so much. I always had the impression that it was difficult  tho i dont know why i felt so. The actual recipe is so simple that you too will give a smile and want to give it a try right away. It just needs 2 ingredients and thats it .... not a messy job at all.
Last time i made this, i had a couple of my friends for dinner. They enjoyed it very much and there was an instant recipe request :) ... now that makes one feel good ... isnt it??

Serves... can be refrigerated for a while
Serve option... Hot rice and dal, chapathis, curd rice ....

This is what u'll need....

Raw mango 1
Jaggery 1 cup(adjust to taste)

Here is the stir....
  • Wash and peel mango. Chop it into small pieces. No need to be very precise in cutting here as they wll all be mashed up towards the end
  • Toss them into a pan with a little bit of water. Cook it for around 15 mins till the mango becomes tender
  • Cut jaggery into small pieces and add it to the mango
  • Stir it well and cook for another 2 mins till the jaggery gets dissolved
  • Some people put tadka. If you want you can add a tadka with oil, mustard seeds and red chillies

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