Apr 20, 2010

Palak gravy with a touch of chana dal

We make palak in different to help us eat it every week at least a couple of times. The same style every time will put me in a situation to force everybody to eat it. Its kinda the same gravies but little different ingredients and style of cooking that keeps all the dishes going around the table more often. This one involves frying up all the ingredients and then a quick coarse blend to be served. A little fried chana dal gives a new taste

Serves... 2 ppl 
Serve option... Hot rice

This is what u'll need....

Spinach 1/2 bunch
Chana dal 2 tbspn
Red chillies 3
Tamarind a little piece
Onion 1 small
Tomato 1 small
Garlic cloves 2
Salt to taste
Oil 1 tbspn
Here is the stir....
  • Heat oil in a pan and add chana dal to it. Fry them till they turn a little golden brown
  • Toss in red chillies, garlic and tamarind followed by a quick stir
  • Add chopped onions and tomatoes to it and fry for 3-4 mins
  • Put the spinach leaves and fry till they turn tender and lose the raw smell
  • Cool the mixture and grind it with very little water. Give just a few quick pulses so that the final mixture stays a little coarse
  • Serve warm with hot rice

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