May 13, 2016

Mango Jelly using mango pulp.... kids favorite...

Kids favorite... jelly and too mango jelly.... this one is a hit with every kid. A real kids crowd pleaser. We make jellies all year long but then summers are special coz we always get to have the king of fruits to add up that special taste to our favourite snack

When kids are a part of making their favourite food they feel even extra special about it and enjoy even a little more. My kids have a lot of fun time during vacations when they cook their own food. They love being a part and enjoy it to the fullest

Heres a simple recipe that is sure to bring a lot of smiles on their face and a lot hugs and kisses to you 

Serves... 40 small shot glasses
Serve option... Chilled

This is what u'll need....

Gelatin - 1 packet or 2 1/2 tspn
Water - 1 cup
Mango - 1 large + 1 small
Sugar - 3 tbspn or little more
Lemon juice - 1/2 tspn (optional)

Here is the stir....

    • Pick up all your ingredeients
    • Pour a cup of water into a saucepan
    • Add a packet of gelatin to the water
    • Whisk it a little and let it sit for 10 minutes

    • After 10 minutes place the pan on low to medium flame and stir it around until the gelatin dissolves completely. This should take not more than a few seconds
    • Once the gelatin is completely dissolved remove it from flame and let it cool down
    • Peel the large mango and take out the flesh. Transfer it to a blender jar
    • Add some sugar to it
    • Pour in 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice. This step is purely optional . We love a little tang in the taste. It just brightens up the flavour of the jelly. Well if you dont want you can completely omit this step
    • Pulse the mango nicely to have a fine pulp
    • Pour it over a strainer and add it to the gelatin water

    • Mix it thoroughly. Check for sweetness and adjust accordingly
    • Cut the small mango into dices
    • Pour the jelly into small glasses. Drop in 2-3 mango dices into it

    • Refrigerate and let it sit for 2-4 hours before serving
    • Enjoy your tasty mango jelly and loads of love from your kids

    • Adjust sweetness as per your taste
    • Make sure you cool down the gelatin water completely before adding the mango puree
    • Adding diced mango gives a nice bite when eating your jelly. This step is purely optional though

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