May 22, 2016

Mozzarella sticks

Mozzarella sticks have been on my wishlist for quite a while but it just kept getting postponed because of my laziness. This time being holidays for the kids there is always a demand for different kinds of snacks. We keep making something for our morning and evening snacks

Made these couple of days back and they were given a red carpet welcome by the kids. It took them just a couple of minutes to gulp it down. They loved it to the core

Just a few ingredients and its ready in no time

Serves... 2-3 kidsppl
Serve option... Hot

This is what u'll need....

Mozzarella Cheese - as needed
Oregano seasoning - 1/2 tspn
Red chilli Flakes - 1/2 tspn
Egg - 1
Breadcrumbs - 1/2 cup
Corn flour - 1 tbspn
Oil for frying
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....
  • Get all the ingredients ready
  • In a small plate add breadcrumbs, oregano seasoning, red chilli flakes, salt and pepper. Mix it well so that the spices are spread evenly

  • In another bowl crack open the egg. Add a tablespoon of water and whisk it with a fork

  • To make the cheese sticks keep the four plates/bowls in a line - cheese, flour, egg, breadcrumbs
  • Dip a slice of cheese into the flour and coat it completely. Shake off excess flour

  • Dip it into the egg-water mixture till completely covered
  • Next roll it over the breadcrumbs mixture and pat it a little to adhere to the cheese stick
  • Place it on a plate. Repeat the same with other slices and keep it ready for frying
  • Heat oil in a pan. Keep it on medium-high flame
  • Once oil is hot, slide a few sticks at a time and cook for just 5-6 seconds
  • Yes.... just a few seconds. Slide them into the oil and then turn it around and take them out
  • Drain them on paper towels to remove excess oil
  • Serve hot and let the kids enjoy 

  • Keep the oil hot and cook only for a few seconds. That is quite enough to melt the cheese
  • Use can skip red chilli powder but my kids wanted spice so we added it
  • Use very little salt as cheese will already be pretty salty

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