Feb 22, 2017

Sundried Potato chips.... brings back nostalgic memories

Potato chips are an all-time favourite everywhere. These potato chips are very different from the regular chips that we make. The usual potato chips are made by just slicing the potatoes and frying them in hot oil. These sun-dried potato chips are way different in the making and also in taste. The best part is that you can make a big batch of dry chips and store them. Whenever you feel like eating them just heat some oil and fry a handful chips. Sprinkle some red chilli powder and enjoy

These sun-dried chips bring in a lot of memories of childhood when my mom using to make very big batches of these and would store them in big dabbas. We kids used to help in drying them. Mummy used to blanch the slices and pass on the container and we used to used to lay them on big plastic sheets. It used to be fun sitting under the sun, not realising the heat and instead enjoying, chatting and arranging the slices. In fact it was like a little game for us. We used to try to do it as fast as we could to see who could do more. Once all would be done we would wait till evening to do the next job. Peeling the potato chips which would have stuck to the sheets. It used to be fun .... we used to enjoy that part too. The next day the chips would be dried again under the sun and then once they would very dry we would stash them in big containers. It is a fond memory that makes me smile even now

Couple of weeks back when my mom was telling some childhood stories of mine to my elder kiddo she mentioned about these chips that she would make for us and how we used to fight over it . I was also there listening to their lively conversation and this part interested me. It brought back so many memories that we got engrossed in it for quite a while. The kids were too excited and they enjoyed their grandparents time a lot that day. Even after starting from my moms place that day I continuously got reminded of these sun-dried potato chips which I used to love so much during my childhood days. On the way back home I made sure to stop at the sabjiwala and pick a decent batch of fresh potatoes which were perfect to make the chips. As soon as I reached home called up mom and checked with her on how to make it. She told me everything but in the end added that this was not the right time to make it and I should wait for a month or little more to let the outside temperature soar a little higher. I did not want to wait so long so convinced her saying I would try a small batch and if everything works fine I would continue making a bigger batch. It turned out perfect and the kids fell in love with it. I made another batch last week and they are yummmm

Serves... makes a small batch 
Serve option... Room temp

This is what u'll need...

Potatoes - 6
Salt to taste

Oil - for frying
Red chilli powder - as needed

Here is the stir....
  • Select fresh potatoes to make these chips. If the potatoes are not fresh sometimes the chips give a reddish colour when frying. Also long and evenly shaped potatoes are easier to work with

  • Wash and peel the potatoes. Keep them soaked in water to avoid browning it
  • Fill a wide bowl with water
  • Use a slicer to cut even slices of the potato and make sure the slices fall directly into the water
  • If you like you can even cut it like thin strips so that they look more attractive to the kids. Also you can use a slicer with ridges to get a wavy effect or checkered effect to the chips
  • Rinse the sliced chips three times in different batches of water to remove the starch
  • Heat water in another wide pan and bring it to a boil
  • Add salt to make the water taste a little salty
  • Drop the potato slices in boiling water
  • Let the slices be immersed in the boiling water for about 2-3 minutes
  • Once done remove the slices in a colander and let the water drain
  • Continue the same with remaining slices

  • Lay a plastic sheet on a flat surface where you receive bright and direct sunlight
  • Lay the pieces/slices of potatoes in a single layer so that they done overlap else they tend to stick

  • Let them dry under the hot sun till there is direct sunlight
  • Once the sunlight shifts away from the place sit down to remove any chips that are stuck to the sheet. Mostly they release themselves from the sheet but few of them might be stuck. Just peel them and leave them on the sheet. Leave it indoor in the night covering it with a thin cloth or sheet
  • Again lay the half dried chips under the sun next day and let it dry completely 
  • Once completely dry store them in plastic covers or big boxes
  • Whenever to want to eat them just heat some oil in a pan. Add a few pieces at a time and fry till done. It just takes a few seconds to fry them so you have to be quick
  • Remove from oil once done and drain them on paper towels

  • Sprinkle some red chilli powder and serve. Watch your kids enjoy 

                                                      • Select fresh potatoes to make the chips else they turn reddish when frying
                                                      • Cook/blanch the potato slices for just 2-3 minutes and also keep a check not to cook it too long. It should not get too soft else it will break
                                                      • Add enough salt to the water to make it taste salty
                                                      • When frying, cook the chips only for a few seconds, they get done very fast

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