Feb 27, 2017

Vanilla cake in pressure cooker

My mom first started making cakes in a pressure cooker. She used to make it often and we would be excited and jumping around to get the first bite of the freshly baked warm cake. During childhood, most of the days used to feel like an occasion as some neighbour or other friend will always be there in the afternoons chit-chatting and making or doing something. We used to have a good time and the days used to be so lively. Neighbours used to come home often, sit and chat for long times, friends used to stop by to play and we used to have all sorts of fun. This cakes brings back a lot of memories :)

I started making cake in oven so did not try to make in pressure cooker any time. I have a few friends who have been asking for the procedure to make cake in cooker. Every time my friends ask me I would call my mom, get the recipe and then again call my friends back to explain everything. I have done this so many times now that I understand it is high time I jot it down and make a post so that the recipe stays in the tip of my hands always

The use of cooker makes the cake taste a little different around the edges if you let it brown a little. I love the browned edges and really love biting into it. They taste really wonderful. I tried making it at home and enjoyed every bit of whatever I got :) The kids loved this version too


Serves... makes a 9-inch cake
Serve option... Room Temp

This is what u'll need...

All-purpose flour / maida - 1 cup
Powdered sugar - 1 cup(loosely packed)
Baking powder - 1 tspn
Vegetable oil - 1/2 cup
Vanilla - 1/2 tspn
Eggs - 3
Cashews - 8-10
Salt - a pinch

Here is the stir....

  • Put sand in the bottom of a heavy pressure cooker. Remove the gasket and whistle and put the lid on the cooker. Put it on medium flame to heat the sand

  • Meanwhile grease a pan and dust it with some flour. Keep this aside till the batter is ready

  • Measure a cup of all-purpose flour and spread it in a sieve
  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder to the flour along with a pinch of salt
  • Sieve this mix three times so that it become light and airy
  • Pour 1/2 cup of vegetable oil into a wide bowl.... any flavourless oil would do. I used sunflower oil
  • Add 1 cup of powdered sugar into the oil. I have used one loosely packed cup of powdered sugar. You can use a little more if you want 
  • Use a hand blender to mix it thoroughly until the mix looks like a smooth paste
  • Add 3 eggs to the bowl. Use eggs that are at room temperature. If you have stored them in the refrigerator then take them out and lay in the kitchen counter for about 15-20 minutes before you use it
  • Whisk the mixture well till nice and frothy
  • Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla to the egg and whisk it once again
  • If you planning to use some nuts or dried fruits then chop them up and dust it with some flour. I have used only cashews
  • Add flour mix to the egg mixture little by little and whisk it till smooth
  • Add the dusted nus and dried fruits to the batter and fold it genlty
  • Pour the batter into the dusted pan
  • Tap the pan on the kitchen counter to remove any air bubbles
  • Place the pan into the cooker taking care not to touch the sides of the cooker as it will be very hot
  • Cover the cooker with the lid and let it bake on medium flame for about 35-45 minutes
  • Check by piercing a skewer into the cake. If it comes out clean then the cake is ready
  • Remove it from the cooker and let it rest for about 5 minutes
  • Run a sharp knife along the corners of the pan and gently invert the cake on to a wire rack. Let it cool a little before you start slicing
  • Enjoy a slice of cake with a hot cup of coffee or tea

                                                            • Dont whisk anything for too long else the cake will deflate after rising up
                                                            • Add more sugar if you like as the amount I have used is to keep sweetness on the lower side
                                                            • Keep an eye on the cake after 25 minutes taking care not to burn it
                                                            • The pan should not touch the sides of the cooker
                                                            • Remove gasket and whistle from the cooker before you use the lid

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