Jul 21, 2016

Sandesh.... a special sweet that is delish

Sandesh is a bengali dessert which is as delish as it looks. It is made up of crumbled paneer and sugar. It is made using different methods ... say steamed and nowadays baked also. Will post those recipes too. I love bengali sweets especially rosogulla and sandesh

If you have an extra packet of milk in the fridge the you can make this in 10 minutes. I always make it using hoe-made chenna or paneer but you can use store-bought paneer as well. But as I always say nothing can equate to homemade. Its fresh and gives the dessert 
a fresh taste as well. Its all depending on availability and time that you have at hand

Try this recipe and enjoy the dessert 

Makes... 12 pieces
Serve option... Chilled or Room temp

This is what u'll need....

Milk - 1 litre
Vinegar - 1 tbspn
Powdered  Sugar - 6 tspn
Rose water - 1/2 tspn
Almond- 2 for garnish

Here is the stir.... 

    • Heat milk in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. When it is boiling, add a tablespoon of vinegar to it
    • The whey will get separated. Pour this into a strainer lined with a cloth
    • Run paneer under clear water to get rid of the vinegar smell
    • Pull the ends of the cloth together and squeeze it with gentle hands to remove any excess water
    • For detailed instructions to make homemade paneer check out the recipe here
    • Transfer the paneer to a plate
    • Start kneading it with your palm with gentle hands till the mixture becomes very smooth and free from any lumps. It should finally look like soft dough
    • Add powdered sugar to this and blend well
    • Add 1/4 teaspoon of rose water or a little rose essence to the dough and mix it well

    • Transfer this to a flat pan and cook on very low flame till the mixture gets rid of any moisture. Dont make it too hot and dont cook for very long. The mixtue will turn grainy when cooked for long or on high heat
    • Let it cool for a few minutes, then transfer it onto a plate

    • Pinch out a little dough and shape it into a flattened circle 
    • Garnish it with grated almonds and refrigerate
    • Serve cold and enjoy

    • Keep the flame low when cooking the sweetened  paneer 
    • Adjust sugar to suit your  taste
    • Rose water is optional but it gives a nice freshness

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