Dec 30, 2016

Vegatable Mini Omelette.... perfect for kids :)

Including veggies in every meal is definitely a task. A task that all moms have to face when planning for a meal or even a snack... say a healthy one. This simple snack or side dish is definitely gonna be on your menu if you think that veggies need to be tricked in to your kids tummy without giving them a chance to pick them out

My kids love omelette loaded with onions and I thought this might be helpful in getting in some other veggies too into their little tummies. I tried adding some carrots and cabbage into the omelettte and guess what they did feel it a little different but dont worry.... they loved it to the core. They loved it so much that it has become an " often made menu" in our home

Its definitely a change from the regular omelettes that I serve as a side during our lunch times. Spice it up as per your wish and enjoy


Serves... 4 ppl
Serve option... Hot

This is what u'll need...

Egg - 1
Carrot - 1 medium
Cabbage - as needed
Green chilly - 2
Coriander leaves - as needed
Onion - 1 big
Gram flour - 2 tbspn
Oil - 2 tbspn
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....

    • Wash and peel the carrots. Grate them into a wide bowl. I use about 1/2 cup of grated carrots
    • Shred cabbbage using a large grater. I used about one cup of shredded cabbbage
    • Add thinly sliced onion to the veggies. I used a slicer to do the job and it was easy
    • Add finely sliced green chilly. I used 2 of them but you can add more or less to suit your taste
    • Add finely chopped coriander leaves
    • Beak in egg into a separate bowl
    • Add salt and pepper to taste. A little more than usual as we would need them for the veggies as well

    • Spoon in one tablespoon of gram flour into the egg 
    • Whisk everything together until done
    • Pour the egg mixture onto the veggie mix
    • Sprinkle a tablespoon of gram flour on the veggies and give it a gentle mix until everything is blended well

    • Heat a nonstick pan on medium flame. Add a tablespoon of oil to the pan
    • Pour a heaped tablespoonful of mixture  into the nonstick pan. Pour a few more making sure to maintain a little distance between them
    • Once cooked on one side flip it gently to cook on the other side too. Make sure you cook them medium to low flame to get it cooked through
    • Remove them to a serving plate
    • Serve hot as a side dish for rice and gravy or just serve as is for a snack

                                                • Adding gram flour helps bind the veggies
                                                • Cook on medium flame
                                                • Serve hot to enjoy the best taste

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                                                1. Anushree Kumar4/1/17

                                                  Hi, I made this for lunch yesterday and the kids loved it. I added some tomato and capsicum too. Thank you. Post some more kid friendly recipes please - Anu


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