Aug 19, 2016

Potato Croquettes... no one can resist them

Potato croquettes are everybodys favourite. A croquette is nothing but a breaded dish that is deep fried in oil. I have used potatoes and a little spice to jazz it up. Potatoes are always a welcome in any form and this one has nothing to say... its just yum. It serves perfect as an appetizer for a large get-together, also serves as a perfect evening tea-time snack or an after-school snack. Make it ahead and keep them in the freezer. When you want to serve just add the frozen croquettes directly to oil and deep fry them till dark brown

It is very simple to make with ingredients that are always available in your pantry. Make it ahead and enjoy it with friends and family

Serves... 4-6 ppl
Serve option... Hot

This is what u'll need...

Potatoes - 4 medium
Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tspn
Green chilli - 1 
Onion - 1 big
Red chilli powder - 1/2 tspn
Fennel/Saunf powder - 1/2 tspn
Garam masala / Curry powder - 1/2 tspn
Flax seeds powder - 1 tbspn
Toasted Sesame seeds - 1 tbspn
Corn flour - 1 tbspn
Bread crumbs - 2 tbspn
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

Here is the stir.... 
  • Boil the potatoes and peel them. Keep them aside
  • Pour oil in a hot flat nonstick pan. Add a teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste to the oil. Give it a quick stir and cover it to avoid spluttering
  • Cut one green chilly into very fine pieces and toss it into the oil
  • Chop onion finely and add it to the pan. Saute this for a few seconds
  • Add salt to the onion and fry till onion turn soft and little translucent
  • Sprinkle red chilli powder, fennel powder and garam masala/curry powder

  • Mix everything well and cook on low flame for about 2 minutes
  • Grate the potatoes using the large hole side of you grater box

  • Add salt to taste. Remember you have added a little to the onions while sauteeing it. So add a little less than intended
  • Pour the spicy onion mix that we made 
  • Chop coriander leaves finely and toss them into the bowl
  • Add a tablespoon of flax seeds and a tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds to the potato mix. These two ingredients are optional but the love to add them as they are healthy and tasty too :)

  • Mix everything together so that it forms a soft dough
  • Pinch out a little dough and make it into an oblong shape. Repeat the same with remaining dough
  • In one bowl add a tablespoon of cornflour mixed with a little water to form a thin liquid

  • Now for coating the breadcrumbs arrange the items needed
  • For the coating, pick one oblong shaped potato mix, dip it into the cornflour mix then put it in the breadcrumbs bowl. Move it aroung so that the croquette is completely coated with breadcrumbs. Repeat this process again to get a thicker coat of breadcrumbs

  • Prepare all the croquettes similarly and arrange them in a plate. Refrigerate it for about 30 minutes. This helps the breadcrumbs stick better to the potato
  • Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the cropuettes 
  • Once nice and brown, drain them on paper towels
  • Serve hot with ketchup or mayo and enjoy


                                                            • Adjust spice to suit your taste
                                                            • Double coat of breadcrumbs gives a better crust to the croquettes
                                                            • Deep fry in hot oil and it will just a few seconds per batch
                                                            • If not using all immediately, you can freeze the remaining for later use

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