Aug 17, 2016

Veggies and Mayo Sandwich...

Mayonnaise .... a creamy favourite which is liked by a lot of people. We love it as sides and sauces and dips and spread and dressing too. We love mayo in our home too... and we use our homemade mayonnaise version for our recipes. Sandwiches are always welcome for breakfast and this one is sure loved. Veggie Mayo sandwich is a fresh, very filling and healthy sandwich that will sure be upto your liking. Try this for a quick breakfast and enjoy

Finely chopped raw veggies tossed in creamy mayo filling in soft slices of bread makes a very simple and tasty sandwich. I can say t is so filling that you can eat only one :)

Serves... 2 ppl
Serve option... Hot

This is what u'll need...

Onion - 1 small
Capsicum - 1 small
Cabbage - small piece
Mint leaves - few
Mayonnaise - 2 tbspn
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Here is the stir.... 

  • Chop onion, cabbage, capsicum and mint leaves finely and toss them into a bowl. Choice of veggies used here is upto your liking. We sometimes add a little tomato and red/yellow pepper for a different taste
  • Sprinkle some salt. Keep salt minimal as mayo will also have salt in it
  • Add pepper to taste
  • Measure in 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise to the bowl of veggies. You can use more or less than this depending on your taste
  • Mix everything together and keep it ready 
  • Take 2 slices of bread. I have used homemade white bread here
  • Spread 2 heaped tablespoonful of filling on one bread. Cover it with another slice of bread
  • Place it in a toaster and toast till the bread turns golden brown

  • Once done cut the sandwich into 2 pieces either horizontally or diagonally 
  • Serve with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy

                                    • Keep salt and pepper minimal as mayonnaise already has it
                                    • You can use any veggies as per your liking
                                    • Mint gives a fresh taste to the sandwich

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