Dec 10, 2013

Watermelon Masti ...

My kid did not like the watermelon juice that I made but that did not disappoint me as I could help him enjoy the same taste with these magical tricks. So whatever juice I made for them was leftover and remade into this recipe

My baby niks doesnt like fruits a lot. So I have to take some extra efforts to get him the goodness in different ways that he would to enjoy natures best creations... fruits. He is a growing kid and he needs all the good stuff of fruits so I have to try my best. Sometimes I try smoothies, sometimes shakes, juices, popsicles, fruit yogurt and sometimes I dont know what ;) but sure a lot more

Watermelon is something he hates as he keeps saying it drips when he eats. I know its just an excuse. Last time I made Watermelon juice for myself (recipe in previous post) when he was running around. I said its strawberry juice and wanted him to try. But no luck, I knew it wont work , he tried and said "no way". He just says he doesnt like the taste. So I wanted to tell him watermelon but with a very fancy name that will lure him. I tried making him watermelon popsicles and called another as watermelon sorbet. Guess what, this time it really worked and there were more than helpings. Kids enjoyed it so much that these fancies were enjoyed many a summer days. So I should say my try was a pure success

Serves... 2 kids... but depends on how many or how much they enjoy
Serve option... With love

This is what u'll need....

Watermelon juice - Recipe here

Here is the stir....

  • Pour watermelon juice into ice trays and put a fruit pick in it
  • Let it freeze and then let your kids enjoy their favorite watermelon popsicle - mini size

  • If you have any leftover popsicles or broken popsicles save them in the freezer for next time
  • Pull them out of the freezer and them add it to the blender. Crush them for a minute and transfer it to the ice trayl again. Refreeze it
  • Pull it out this time just before freezing and blend one more time. This makes it more crystalline and give you more time to enjoy the sorbet

  • I love adding ginger. It gives a fresh taste
  • Honey is purely optional. If you feel the juice is already very sweet, you might want to skip it

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