Apr 8, 2014

Garlic Breadsticks

Garlic Bread ..... I love it, my hubby loves it and my kids loveeeeeeeeeeee it ... so u very well understand what I would / should  do. I should learn to make it myself to enjoy it oven-fresh at my home for that extra special evening snack. And yes I tried it. I was very skeptical about garlic-bread because I have not been much into bread-baking except for pizza base. But then I came to know that its just the same process as pizza except for a few extra ingredients or seasonings to go in. Wanted to give it a try but just kept it on hold for a while. But once we tried making it at home my kids have gone crazy about it. They just love the home-made version so much

I will have a few more baking posts coming up soon ... dont wonder that I am on a baking spree now. These are a few that I have tried over the past couple of years and have had it successful.... so I should say "tried and very well tested". You know my lazy days... yes they crept in a while ago and have been staying with me for quite a while now. I just have loads and loads of pictures in my laptop crying to find their way to this blog. But my lazy me has not found enough time to post them. So now again trying to get a little busy with blogging (if I continue :) to be a little active)

This recipe has been in my recipe books from the day we tried it for the first time and I am sure they are gonna stay with us for quite long. Its a simple recipe that calls for just a few ingredients and a little patience to keep when the dough sits for rising. I dont even have that patience and keep peeking every 15 mins :)

I let the kids help me make their bread as they love to help and be a part in making something that they love. They are my busy bumble-bees who want to help me with everything and I let them in most of the times. Below are pictures mixed up from 2 batches that we made and loved 

Serves... 4 ppl
Serve option... Hot with cheese sauce

This is what u'll need....

Maida / All-purpose flour - 2 cups
Yeast - 1 1/4 tspn
Sugar - 1 tspn
Butter - 1 tbspn
Garlic powder - 1 tspn / little more is you like it garlicky
Dried oregano seasoning - 1 tspn
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....
  • Add sugar in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water. You dont want the water very hot as it will kill the yeast and you dont want the water to be too cold as it will not activate the yeast. So just warm should be fine. Now add the yeast to this and stir it around for a few seconds to dissolve yeast and sugar. For detailed instructions follow the step-by-step instructions here -> How to Proof Yeast

  • Rest this covered in a warm place for 10-15 minutes until the mixture gets frothy
  • Once the mixture is frothy you are all set to make the dough
  • Measure 2 cups of all purpose flour into a working bowl
  • To this spoon in a teaspoon of garlic powder. You can add a little more if you want it a little more garlicky. But for the start I would suggest 1 tspn
  • Sprinkle some salt as per you taste. I added around half a teaspoon here
  • Mix everything together with a spoon. Add the yeast mixture to this flour and mix everything together until well combined. It will look a little sticky for now. Mix in a little flour if you feel its runny
  • Pour a tablespoon of melted butter into this and knead it for a few minutes. Get your hands messy and pull it all together 
  • Roll it around into a ball. Mine doesnt look like a ball in the picture coz thats all my kids could put in shape... n i guess thats perfect for their age. I loved the way they looked at it from every angle to see if the shape was a perfect ball ;) Love the kiddie smiles and gestures ... i fall in love whenever i see them doing sweet little things. Finally I had the question from my elder one " Mummy is it perfect" and I said yes. The younger one too had to ask something coz elder bro had asked a question ... so he asked "Nice????????" and I had to say a perfect yes to both of them
  • Once the dough is ready grease the bowl and dough with a few drops  of oil
  • Let the dough rest covered for about an hour or till it doubles up. I leave it inside a warm oven to help with the rising
  • Once the dough is ready punch it down again and knead for a couple of minutes. Rest it again for about 30-45 minutes for the second rise
  • Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Meanwhile grease a baking pan with a little melted butter. Now thats a little too much in the picture ... the reason being that both my kids wanted to add butter and grease the pan. They like getting messy you see
  • Spread out the dough with your finger tips to get an even shape. I roll it out into a semi-circle but kids leave it as they want .... say some new map :)
  • Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning. I have used oregano seasoning blend coz thats our favorite
  • I reshaped the dough to look like a semi-circle, the way it looks like in dominos. Mark straight lines to make even size breadsticks that are easy to pull apart
  • Pop the baking tray into the oven and let it bake  for around 12-15 minutes or until the top sets to a light golden brown
  • Remove it from the oven. Pour a little melted butter on top for some greasy bread. we love it that way but I guess it is purely optional
  • Serve it hot with your favorite cheese dip

  • Keep an eye on the bread after 10 mins to ensure you dont burn it up
  • Adding  melted butter at the end when the bread is just out of the oven gives it a moist texture
  • Make sure your yeast is frothy before adding it to the flour. Else just throw away the yeast and start with a fresh batch


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  2. I really love the pictures. Makes me drool. I have never tried my hands on baking so done know if i can get it the same way.


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