Oct 9, 2015

Malai Ladoo... with condensed milk...

Malai ladoo ... a simple 3 ingredient delicious ladoo is a beautiful addition to the ladoos list. Kids love them too and they are super easy to make. They are super-soft and super-delicious. Nobody can say no to these little fellas

I have used condensed milk in this recipe but it can very well be replaced with sugar. 

Serves... Makes about 6-8 ladoos
Serve option... Room Temp

This is what u'll need....

Milk - 1/2 litre
Vinegar - 1 tbspn
Condensed milk - 4 tbspn
Cardamom powder - a pinch(optional)

Here is the stir....
  • Bring the milk to a boil and add vinegar to make paneer. Follow step by step instructions here - Home made paneer
  • Run it through clear water few times thoroughly to get rid off the vinegar smell 
  • Strain it and let it rest for a couple of minutes to drain off the excess water 
  • Transfer it to a muslin cloth and squeeze out some more water... dont have wring it too much
  • Transfer it to a plate and knead it for a few seconds or for about a minute till it gets a smooth texture

  • If you like a more textured ladoo you can directly add the paneer from the strainer into the pan. We enjoy the smooth-textured one so I knead the paneer before adding it to the pan
  • Heat a flat-bottomed non-stick pan and crumble the paneer into it. Toss for a few seconds to remove any excess moisture
  • Add condensed milk. Add more if you like it very sweet
  • Stir continuously for a minute or little more till everything comes together. Add cardamom powder if you like

  • Remove from flame and let it cool 
  • Shape it into small balls and garnish with cashews, almonds or raisins

  • Texture of the ladoo can be grainy or smooth, depends on how you like it
  • Adjust condensed milk quantity to suit your taste
  • Cardamom powder is optional

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