Jun 26, 2015

Spinach Corn Sandwich

Corn-Spinach sandwich has been a popular breakfast in our home since my little one joined school. When Nikhil, my elder one, started going to school we had a little changes in our breakfast styles and after Aadit joined in the group of snack-box carrying fellows in the house, things changed a little more. Over these years that my kids started going to school, breakfast style is the one that has changed a lot and got lot of new additions too

Sandwiches are a very preferred breakfast at our table. And this one will hit the top list of favorites. I make a big batch of filling so that the kids can enjoy it as an after-school snack as well. We all can never get enough of it

This recipe came into our kitchen menu when I was looking for ways to introduce spinach/any palak into my kids diet. They hated it .... yes they hated it to the core. I started with soups and parathas and then landed onto this sandwich recipe which was welcomed the most pleasing way. I thought I had posted it already but looks like I missed it earlier. Well... as said better late than never

Serves... 4 ppl
Serve option... Hot

This is what u'll need....

Whole wheat flour - 2 tbspn
Milk - 1/2 cup
Butter - 1 tbspn
Blanched Spinach - 1 to 1 1/2 cup
Corn kernels - 1 cup
Cheese - 2 tbspn
Pepper - 1/4 tspn
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....
  • Spoon in butter into a non-stick pan
  • When it starts heating, add flour. When I was first introduced to this recipe, I used all -purpose flour but then gradually changed to using whole wheat flour being a little health-conscious. I am sure I came across this recipe over the internet or probably some cookery show on tv 
  • Use your spatula to move the flour around to avoid any lumps and to ensure even cooking

  • When the flour looks cooked add milk and stir continuously. Sprinkle salt and pepper as per your taste. Use a whisk now to avoid any lumps. Keep whisking till everything looks smooth

  • Remove the stalks from the spinach/palak and roughly chop it. Blanch this and squeeze gently to remove excess water
  • Pressure cook corn and remove it to cool. Once warm enough to handle, remove the kernels and add it to the above mixture

  • Mix everything together 
  • Let this cool down a little. Shred cheese into the mixture and mix it well
  • Take a slice of bread and spread a generous amount of filling in it. Cover with another slice and toast it

  • Slide it out of the toaster and cut it into bite sized slice. Serve and enjoy as is with a hot cup of tea :)

  • You can omit cheese if this is made only for adults
  • Use whole wheat bread for a healthier version
  • Sometimes I use shredded garlic in the recipe for added health benefits. If adding garlic, do so when you melt butter and stir the garlic till sauteed

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