Aug 28, 2015

Sweet corn Street-food style... simple butter and salt

The simplest and most like snack .. and yes a no-fuss snack for kids. Every kid loves corn and if served in their way it more fun then they imagine. My kids love butter corn. They come across it almost everywhere these days... street shops, malls, super-markets and lot more. I dont encourage them having outside but at home we make sure we enjoy every little kernel and nothing less than that

Simple and easy to make makes it very welcoming in the kitchen. Kids love towards this snack and the benefits of having the right fiber and vitamins that it holds makes it a very good choice as an after-school snack
Serves... 3 kids
Serve option... Warm

This is what u'll need....

Corn cobs - 2
Butter - 1 tspn
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....
  • Remove the husk and silk from the sweet corn on the cob. Break it into half and put it in a pressure cooker
  • Add water and salt to the cooker and pressure cook for about 4-5 whistles and then on low flame for a couple of minutes
  • Turn down the flame and let the corn cool down till you can handle with bare hands
  • Run a sharp knife through the corn between the cob and the kernels to get all the kernels jumping out of their home
  • Collect the kernels in a microwave-safe bowl 

  • Spoon in some butter. We use a little more than recommended as me and kids are a big fan of this greasy stuff :D
  • Time to add a pinch of salt to the kernels
  • Now sprinkle some pepper as per your taste buds. a little goes a long way though
  • Heat the contents for about 30 seconds to a minute till the butter melts 
  • Mix everything together and serve warm 
  • A perfect snack for your little ones .... and why not for us adults too... Everyone enjoys it in my home :)

  • You can cook the corn in open pan too but we prefer pressure cooker to make the task easy and quick
  • Adjust salt and pepper to suit your taste. Keep in mind when kids are gonna eat
  • Butter will make it silky 

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