Mar 1, 2013

Simply delicious dessert shots for sweethearts

We had been to a cake shop few days back when my kids ordered themselves some dessert shots. I was scolding them for always trying such junk stuff... its not that I dont eat but cos they would just eat half and waste the rest. Pretty much after that I will have to eat that whether i like it or not :) But this time I was surprised by the size when they showed me their dessert glasses. They were mini size... yes i would say 'the right size' that you can happily relish these sinful delights without a second thought. 

I bet they were good seeing the way my kids were enjoying. When I asked my little one he did not bother to share. My elder kid loves me soooooooo much .. he shared a little scoop in his tiny spoon and yummm I had to ask him for more... but this time my request was rejected :( I wanted it too so I  had to order one for myself . Seeing this my hubby also decided to get one for himself. We all fell in love with this simple but super-delicious dessert. I wanted to make it .. not the same fancy style but a little different with what i had at hand. But first hand I had to buy these small glasses... finally could manage to get 4 glasses after a real treasure hunt. 

I made this with my kids couple of days back and it was a real real hit. All of us enjoyed our version especially my mother-in-law. She was just wowwed :)

Serves... 4 ppl
Serve option... Chilled

This is what u'll need....

Milk cream - 1 cup
Powdered sugar - 2 tbspns
Mixed fruit jam - 2 tbspns
Chocolate biscuits - 4
Almonds for garnish
Chocolate/chocolate syrup for dressing

Here is the stir....
  • Let us begin with all the prep work and then we will put everything together for a delicious dessert. Take 3/4 cup milk cream in a bowl and toss in powdered sugar. Beat this up until light and fluffy

  • Break biscuit into couple of pieces each and stash it into the blender to grind them coarse

  • Take 2 tbspns of mixed fruit jam in a bowl and add 1/4 cup of milk cream to it. Blend this well too

  • Chop almonds into thin slices for garnish
  • Melt a little chocolate in the microwave for garnish
  • Now begins the fun part - putting all this together. You could do it as you want. Here is what we did. First line up all the glasses in a row. Add a tbspn of crushed chocolate biscuits to the bottom of all the glasses. Next scoop in a layer of whipped cream. Follow this by our fruity jammy cream. Add another layer of whipped cream to reach almost the top of the glasses. Garnish it with crushed almonds and biscuit crumbs. Finally top it all up with a very small dollop of melted chocolate
  • Voila!!!! Its ready but not ready to eat yet. Keep it in fridge for a couple of hours so that it can set. Serve it chilled and enjoy the taste

  • You can use store bought whipped cream for an easy job. I usually have a stock of milk cream and not whipped cream. I need them for my gravies
  • Serve it chilled for best taste
  • Take as much help from your kids and they will love to :)


  1. Krithika18/3/13

    Hi, I like the colours in your dessert and more than that i love your way of doing this with whatever you have at hand. Awesome idea I am going to try this today. Will surprise my H today

  2. Harsha21/3/13

    Wow love your idea. Will try it too


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