Feb 17, 2013

Cheesy fills for your little hearts

Cheese fills are mini cheese balls but its just that I flatten them a little so that they look like little discs. A kids plus mommy's favorite snack to keep our mouths busy from the time they are served till the plate turns out to be empty. Hmmmm I love them too. Yes they are so attractive, crispy, crunchy and gooey in the middle with a simple spice combo in every bite that it will keep your kids busy munching them till they are all done. Kids who have tried this at my home have always loved it asking for more.

Ever since I have been making these, we have loved them the same way as we had the first time. I never made these till my elder kid was about 2 yrs old. Then only was the need  to make this when I had him growing up into a fussy eater. I had to come up with new and different type of things to keep him happy and also to bribe him too ... "Nikki ...If you eat todays lunch fully with veggies, then in the evening I will make a cheesy surprise for u" and yup the job wud be done in no time. Lunch would be a merry time rather than cribbing time :) Snack time gets merrier than that as I always have my kids help me around in the kitchen when we make their favorites. They love to know what goes in and are always ready to lend their tiny little helping hands. Yes it sure does get messy but in a very lovely way that you cant help hugging your bunnies for their lovely help rather than thinking about the beautiful mess.

This recipe takes little time to put together everything and serve plate-fulls of love to your lovely buggity bugs ;)

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Serves... 2-3 kids
Serve option... Hot with ketchup

This is what u'll need....

Butter - 1 tbspn
Corn Flour - 3 tbspn
Maida - 1 tbspn
Red Chilli powder - 1 tspn
Cumin powder - 1 tspn
Garlic - 3-4 cloves
Mozarella Cheese - as required
Salt to taste

Here is the stir....   
  • Toss in a tbspn of butter in a pan and immediately add corn flour and all-purpose flour/maida. Give it a quick stir. This will turn into a crumbly mixture

  • Pour a cup of milk into the pan and stir it contiuosly on low flame till the mixture turns into a smooth paste free from any lumps
  • Turn the flame to high and cook the mixture till it turns into a  soft dough. It will actually start sticking sticking to the ladle and when its done you will be able to lift the entire dough at the ladles edge

  • Turn off the flame and let the mixture cool down a little
  • Meanwhile get a couple of bread slices. Tear them into small pieces and stash them into a blender for a few seconds. This will make the dish flaky and light
  • Sprinkle these crumbs into the flour mixture pan. Add salt, red chilli powder, grated garlic, jeera powder to the pan
  • Mix everything together to give a smooth textured dough. This dough will be a little greasy due to the butter/oil added in the beginning
  • Cut cheese into small pieces and keep it ready to be filled
  • Divide the dough into small balls. Flatten each ball, place a cheese cube inside it and seal it completely on all sides. Make flattened shapes to cook evenly on all sides. Do the same with the rest of the dough and rest them on a plate. I make very small balls of dough as we enjoy crust and cheese in every bite, if not we feel it very doughy

  • Meanwhile heat oil in a pan. We need the oil hot enough - so that as soon as we drop the balls into the oil they come up floating immediately. It should take just about 30-45 seconds to get the cheese fills golden brown on both sides
  • When golden brown, take them out and drain them on paper towels. Let it cool a little and then serve it warm to get your busy kids very busy eating these lip-smacking cheesy gooey filly fills

  • The dough forms very quick when put on high flame, so keep an eye on it and stir contiuosly to avoid any lumps
  • Keep the oil nice and hot not just medium otherwise thhe cheese fills will pop and burst-open messing up the oil
  • It takes very little time to cook the balls as the dough is already cooked. So the only time needed is just to get the crispy outer crust


  1. Hi
    Loved your site so much ,was searching for kids snacks .wow you have so much healthy nd yummy kids snacks easy to make. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  2. Pavithra4/12/13

    Checked out t his recipe. It looks simple and very appealing. Planning to make this for my kids. Will let you know how it turns out


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