Dec 18, 2012

Diwali pics posted a little late...

I know this post is very late as posted on this date. I had put it in draft but getting the pics uploaded and added to the post was such a biiiiiiiiig task for this lazy me ;) Anyways i guess better late than never is whats right here :)

Diwali is a beautiful, fun-filled, tradition-filled, colorful, noise-filled, delightfully lighted wonderful festival that everyone of all age enjoys. I remember our childhood days when mom used to make lots of special diwali sweets and fill up dabba after dabba in a line. Sure the munching away never stopped until the boxes were emptied and dashed into the washing bin. And special were the days of Diwali which marked start with the ritual of getting up very early, getting ready with new clothes specially bought for the occassion, decorating the verandah with beautiful colorful rangolis, pooja at home and then cracking the first cracker of the day... hmmm those moments are so sweet to remember. The calls to friends and family, the visits to friends homes, then the funtime at evening woo-hooooooo lighting up lamps, bursting crackers, shouting happily ... and the happiness list ended nowhere. Days have passed by but the speciality of Diwali stays intact as it had been generations ago.

We had lots to snack upon this time. Made everybodys favorite so that each one of us could enjoy our share. I just picked up some pics this time before all the goodies got munched away. They turned out well and we had a great time enjoying the festival.

Salted Maida squares with a hint of ajwain - Aadit's favorite

Mixture - My mom's style :) 

Kaara sevu(in Tamil) Gram flour spicy mini sticks - Nikhil's favorite

Rava laddoo.. hmm my favorite

Gulab Jamun made with milk powder - my hubby's favorite

 Also had murukku's at home but somehow missed the pics :) Probably next time 


  1. Wow,they all look yummy. love your serving bowls too :)

  2. Thanks Swati thanks for both the compliments :)


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