Jan 28, 2011

Aamla di Paani...

Landed in my country after a long time and after very long jetlag days we started going out to meet friends and relatives. We went to my sisters place last week. When we reached there I was really exhausted. The heat and noise of traffic had made me really tired. 

The moment I was in her house , I was looking in the fridge for something refreshing to drink when my eyes caught a glimpse of a tupperware bottle filled with something. I asked my akka what was it and she said "Dont ask me but do try it". She served me a chilled glass which i gulped in secs. So refreshing, so light and so yummy that i could not resist asking for another glass to which she smiled ans said "Now that means its yummy???" I was so impressed that my tastebuds hit my brain buttons which in turn made my mouth utter "Recipe plsssssssssssssssss....."

 So here you go for a very very simple way to refresh yourself. 

(Pics coming soon)

Serves... concentrate can be stored a while
Serve option... Serve chilled with ice cubes and preferably mint

This is what u'll need....

Aamla/Gooseberry10-20 nos.()
Chaat masala as per taste
Bottle to store in fridge

Here is the stir....
  • Cut amla into small pieces and remove the seed. Transfer this to a mixie jar
  • Grind all aamla to make a fine paste. Dont use water to grind it
  • Sieve it thru a strainer to remove any lumps or excess fibre. Make sure you press the mixture to help squeezing using the back of a spoon. Dont use your hands for any reason

  • Transfer the entire juice into a bottle and store it in the fridge 
  • When serving, add little chaat masala to a glass, pour a couple of tablespoons of this concentrate and then fill it with water. Top it with ice cubes and fresh mint leaves  
  • Enjoy a refreshing drink
  • Dont use your hands to squeeze out the liquid. It will help the concentrate stay for a longer time
  • Adjust concentrate amount when serving to mark it up to your taste


  1. Namrata2/2/11

    I made this drink and everyone in our house loved it. It was very very delicious and i am planning to make some more today. Thnx to u

  2. Nice to know you liked it. We all love this drink too.


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